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Eggs over 40

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Eggs over 40

Postby Babyb » Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:48 pm

Hello everyone. I've migrated from the parents board back to fertility board. I am happy to say I am the mother of 2 twin boys using donor eggs. We had to resort to donor eggs because my first daughter died from a maternally inherited genetic disorder that we learned about after her passing.

We are now being told that perhaps the mutation was new in my daughter an would not repeat itself. So, we are considering a round in the future with my eggs. I froze 6 embies when I was 39 (was bummed I didn't get more back then because I had 18 follicles, 8 eggs and 6 fertilized).

Well, now I'm turning 42 this week and am frightened to learn that my egg reserve is virtually non-existent. I just did another round (to get as many eggs banked as possible). I had 9 follicles, only 7 eggs and only 3 fertilized! I was totally freaked as I thought at least 5 or 6 would fertilize (We did ICSI too) given a great history of fertilization. DH is young with SUPER sperm so I know it is me.

Here is my question, anyone go through a couple of cycles at my age and have significantly better results in one cycle over another? I only have 3 of these embies and question whether they are even good quality (we froze them at day 2). I have never had a fertility issue (my concerns have always been genetic) UNTIL NOW and I think I am having a really tough time facing the reality of my age. I'm beginning to feel very inadequate/ancient, etc.

I hope I am not sounding insensitive given that we have just been blessed with TWO beautiful boys. My heart is still set on the possibility of having one that is genetically mine and hopefully another little girl.
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Postby Liam'sMommy » Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:37 pm

Were the eggs vitrified or not? Do you have money or will you go into debt or not? I just realized who you were so i no money is no problem. LOL
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Postby Sara30 » Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:41 am

Hi Babyb

I am currently pregnant with donor eggs from my sister as I have none of my own left due to prem ovarian failure. Has anyone spoke to you about using DHEA? There has been evidence that it has increased the amount of eggs you produce during IVF cycles and some women have conceived naturally whilst taking it. I tried it and although it did not help me with producing my own eggs as I only have one ovary working at 25% it decreased my FSH levels into completely normal limits for the first time in years. Its definately worth discussing anything is worth a try.

Good Luck
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