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am i infertile????

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am i infertile????

Postby bitter beauty » Tue Feb 03, 2009 4:21 am

:( first time posting online....
im 24 yrs. old, going on 25 in a few months. i was with my first bf, for 3 yrs. 3 yrs of unprotected sex, i was with my ex for 3 yrs, same, unprotected sex. NEVER got pregnant.1st ex has kids now, my recent ex had twins but their mom had an abortion.so I'M the problem.Ive been to 3 different gynocologist, one said i was fine, just had to take time, another said i was ovulating from one side only.she send me to her friend, the other doctor said i was fine....before my 1st bf i was on the patch, then birth control pills...but nothing.i recently lost my job, and my house.so im sooo financially stress, i cant afford to go to a infertility clinic, and i dont know whats going on.any help?
bitter beauty
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Postby TwinMommy » Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:18 pm

I was 23 when my husband and I tried to get pregnant. We tried for a year. I took birth control since I was 17 with my ex boyfriend so do not know if that is when the issue started. I knew at the year point that something was wrong (I actually knew a like 3 months but doctors would not listen cause I was so young") Anyways, I tried clomid that my gyno put me on but that did nothing (they did not track me either which I learned now was stupid) I switched gynos. ANYWAYS, he finally referred me to a endo. and they ran blood tests. Found out that I had high testosterone levels which usually means PolyCystic Ovaries. So we did 2 rounds of clomid again and watched it this time with an ultrasound. No ovulation whatsoever. So we had to venture to IVF when I was 23 years old. We were lucky that our insurance paid for it. I had to take doses that they gave a 40 year old but I go twin girls out of it.

I would say see an endo. and see what they say. They are better fertility doctors than just an OB. Did you get blood tests done? What did they do to test you? Did they do a dye test to see if you are blocked? I will say if you are stressed you will not help the situation if you are able to get pregnant on your own. Stress shuts down the reproductive system. I am sorry that you lost your job and house. Are you married? I would say do not even think about kids till you can get back up on your feet also. They are expensive even if you are able to get government assistance.

I hope I was some help.
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