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MD says there's no way I can get preggo naturally

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MD says there's no way I can get preggo naturally

Postby FriedEggs » Wed Feb 04, 2009 4:37 pm

I just turned 36. I have had the HSG and all the fun tests associated with infertility. HSG showed some tubal scarring, though very minor. Hubby's sperm is also apparently clumping. Infertility MD prescribed hubby some horse pills to take four times a day and told me to get acupuncture once a week and then, next month, a laparascopy to get rid of the minor scarring.

FSH level on day three was 14. Ovaries are big and uterine lining, according to MD, is "perfect."

That said, MD says there's still no way I can get preggo naturally. He is planning IVF for me, beginning in May.

Anyone out there had similar situation and got preggo naturally ?
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Postby KeepintheFaith » Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:58 am

HI there!

I'm fairly new to IVF too. I took my first round of meds to find out I didn't respond. My RE said he wanted to wait until my next cycle & check my FSH level at day 3 (w/out meds in my system). I told him I had a clomid challenge done which tests your FSH at day 3 . He had my family doc faxed the results. My FSH level was high 10.9. He told me we need to check it for the next couple of months to see if it goes down. If not, that is a BIG RED FLAG of POF (premature ovarian failure). In that case, it states there are NO eggs OR very few in poor condition. The recommendation would be donor eggs at that point.

Did your doc show any concern regarding yours?

I DON'T want to scare you but high FSH was my issue that came up out of no where and blind sided me.

Before you invest in IVF, make sure your FSH level is down so that you have a better chance at responding.

I know this is not the success story you were looking for but it didn't appear you had any concern regarding your FSH. I"m sorry but I wouldn't have felt right NOT asking about & making you aware.

I truly wish you the best of luck!
Keepin the Faith!!
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Started IVF 02/09; didn't respond to the meds
HIGH FSH has surfaced; RE monitoring for next couple of months.
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FSH levels screwy

Postby FriedEggs » Wed Feb 25, 2009 2:21 pm

Thank you so much for your reply! Good luck to you too! Meanwhile, since you seem to be much more up on the FSH issue, get this...

three months ago, my regular OBGYN started these tests for me, before I even considered seeing the RE.

She took the day theree FSH levels and at the time it was 10.1. She said "It's higher than it should be but not alarmingly so."


Fast forward three months and my RE office upon first visit ever, tells me to call the office as soon as I get my period.

Got it on Thursday. Called. The receptionist says, curiously, "Is it a heavy flow?" I replied, "Huh? You told me to call the day I got it. That's what I am doing." Receptionist goes, "Call back later when it's heavy/"

Puzzled, I waited an hour and said, this is ridiuclous, I didn't do that with my OBGYN three mos ago, I just went on DAY THREE, so I called back, fibbed and said, "Yeah, it's heavy, so now what?"

They told me , ok, come in tomorrow am. That would have been Friday. ONE day after I got the period.

That's the day they got the 14 FSH level. Just wondering....they call it day THREE for a reason, no?

Perhaps this was premature?

I am going to ask the RE that when I see him next, as next step is laporoscpy, allegedly....

Thanks for listening!

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