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HIGH FSH and a success story

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HIGH FSH and a success story

Postby KeepintheFaith » Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:05 am

I'm looking for positive outcome from women who had high FSH levels and were able to complete IVF with their own eggs. My level was 20.6 after my first round of meds. I had a clomid challenge test several months ago that my RE requested after I didn't respond to the meds. On day 3, it was 10.9 and day 9 20.9. I was to told anything over 10 is possibly showing POF. My RE recommended the continue to monitor my FSH for the next couple of months. With HOPE & PRAYER, we are hoping it drops so I can up the dose of meds and pick up where I left off in my IVF journey.
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HIGH FSH has surfaced; RE monitoring for next couple of months.
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