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From a new portuguese member

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From a new portuguese member

Postby pipokas » Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:08 pm

Hello everyone.
Firstly I apologize for any misspellings, I am Portuguese and my English is not perfect, or close.
I would like to present my case and know your opinion.

2 years ago when I started to think about babies, I realized that my cycles are very irregular and very long. I tried to conceive naturally for a year but never happened. Since a year ago that I am followed by a specialist in infertility. I had blood tests, ultrasound with vaginal probe, histerossalipingogram and my husband did semen analysis (everything ok with him) in all my examinations, was found just PCOS. Stimulation began, (I did 2 cycles of clomid and 1 of puregon) and we had no response.We then decided to laparoscopic with ovarian drilling. Then I treated the PCOS but discovered that the right tube has a stenosis that does not allow the passage of the ovum to the uterus. My doctor advised me to risk re-scheduled intercourse and this was the 1st cycle after laparoscopy. The right ovary responded to puregon with 3 follicles of 19, 20 and 21mm. I did Pregnyl to induce ovulation. But if the right tube is not going to catch de ovum of right ovary, they will be caught by the left tube? My doctor says it is possible. I wonder whether someone lived or knows a story like that has ended in pregnancy. Thanks to all
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