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Planning to go for IVF...need valuable suggestions

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Planning to go for IVF...need valuable suggestions

Postby mybaby09 » Sun May 10, 2009 12:02 am

Hi All,

I have registered in this forum hoping to get some help from other people who have already gone through the IVF process and had success or failure. Please guide and help me.....

I have infertility issue (Poly Cystic Ovaries). We have been planning pregnancy from past 6 months with no success. My husband's sperm count is 25 Million and is a good count as per the doctor. We went to an IVF center upon our Gynaecologist's advise.

To start with doctors there wanted me to be on clomid 150mg for one cycle. I was on clomid for 1 cycle, but they had to cancel the cycle as the follicles were not growing to a measurable size. Next they have adviced me to take injections instead of clomid as I was not reacting much to Clomid.

We are not sure if even this option will work. We are still thinking on what to do. Either to go with one more cycle with the injections or directly go for IVF.

We have many questions in mind...
Is IVF a safe process.
Are the babies born from IVF treatment healthy?
Will the kids have any issues as they grow?
what is the success rate?

It would be great and helpful if someone who has already gone through this process and are successfull and pregnant now. Or someone who have gone through this process and will not suggest us to go for this option. Please guide us to take a right step confidently.

You can also send any suggestions to my email orafinmat@gmail.com

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Postby TwinMommy » Sun May 10, 2009 11:52 am

mybaby09: Oh you sound just as I did. I too have PCOS and did the Clomid. I opted out for the shots and just went straight to IVF. I was glad I did. When I was cycling, even with the most intense meds I had a hard time getting the follicles to grow. I suppose I have a bad case of PCOS. So they kept uping the amount of the meds (to what a 40 year old would take...I was 23 at the time). But after all the shots, they got some eggs!!! I had 12 good size. 8 made it though ICSI. 5 made it to day 3 embies. 2 were implanted and 2 were frozen (one died in the process or something). Anyways, out of my 2 that were implanted, I got twin girls!!!

So we tried for 2 months on our own, I knew something was wrong. Cycled 4 months with clomid after my PCOS diagnoses. Then went to IVF. Injections alone may work for you, but we needed ICSI due to dented sperm of the husband.

I wish you all of the luck!! It is a long and hard process but can be so worth it in the end!! Please PM me if you need any more advice or help.

IVF is safe. Nothing is wrong with the babies and they develop normally. Success rate depends on your age. I had a 50% chance. I will have about the same %age when I go back to use our frozen embies. But your doctor can narrow down a better rate for you.
Me: 25 PCOS, BFP 1st time with twin girls!

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Postby mybaby09 » Tue May 12, 2009 3:38 am

TwinMommy: Thank you so much for your reply. Thank you for taking time and going through my case.

I have few questions from your reply.

What is ICSI

What is dented sperm.

How and where did you get the below details from:
Me: 25 PCOS, BFP 1st time with twin girls!

I am 30 and my hisband is 32. So would you suggest me to go for the next step after Clomid, I mean the injections one or directly go for IVF.

Thanks in advance
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Postby dixie_chop » Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:45 am

ICSI - this is a form of IVF. Instead of placing the sperm and egg in a dish and "waiting" for them to fertilize on their own, they actually inject one sperm into one egg. It increases the odds of fertilization. They used this method with my IVF cycle b/c we had my husbands sperm frozen ahead of time. My clinic always does ICSI when the sperm has been frozen.

If it were me, I would try one cycle of the injections before going for IVF. The IVF process is far more in-depth and invasive than injections and/or IUI. Plus if you are paying out of pocket, it is far less expensive. I tried injections and timed intercoarse, then injections and IUI before going to IVF. I wouldn't have changed that coarse at all, even though they didn't work for us.

Stay positive though. If you don't get through the next cycle, you can always do IVF then. We just finished our first round of IVF and we are 7 weeks pregnant. Good luck!
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Postby brookshield82 » Thu Oct 08, 2009 4:35 pm

I am totally healthy but older (late 39'shs) so i was in the same situacion and i didnt want to wait anymore.

Since I didnt want to wait and i went for my first IVF on April '09 with DR Joel Bartzofin in NYC. everything seem well but at the end I didnt get pregnant. they tranfered 3 embryos ( 3 days later after the retrival) but they didnt attached( no explanation.. i was really depress)

So i wait until september and i started a second IVF ( same doctor since i have to give me the benefit of the doubt..you know) so... I will have my retrival tomorrow, i try not to get so much hope but lets see how it goes.

Keep in touch.. its not easy but you can do it..try..you never know
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