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Postby saunagrl » Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:51 am

so i've been natural for 2 cycles now after 2 failed ivf's and have been doing acupuncture since march. after charting my bbt, we found my progesterone drops after rising and then slowly rises again before dropping for my period. my acupuncturist wants to give me herbs to help my progesterone stay level when it needs to and i was wondering if anyone has taken any. what did your doctors say? i'm nervous. my other option is progesterone drops that my friend has been taking and 2 of her friends got pregnant on.

thanks for any advice!!
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Postby mally » Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:05 pm

My Dear it is all a matter of choice, I am certainly going with herbs in the next trial in November, to help the implantation. Best of Luck
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