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someone, anyone ideas? what would you do!?

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someone, anyone ideas? what would you do!?

Postby LanceC85 » Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:44 pm


I have one child of 3 years old & we would like more. So we go see our doctor & I have 2 separate semen analysis done. One is 2.3mil & the other is 800,000thous...I got some blood work done & found out my testosterone level was low @ 2.7...He suggested that we go to a urologist. He wanted me to get a scrotal u/s & FHS/LH blood test done. He also reviewed my semen analysis & told us that the sperm only had a 10% mobility rate. At that point in time he was leaning towards "Testicular Failure", saying that my testicles stopped communicating with my pituitary gland. So I went and did the tests. I also saw my family doctor again for vitamin D deficiency, I was @ 18 and 30 is normal. My urologist called me today telling me that my FHS/LH was normal & now he still thinks it is "Primary Testicular Failure". Me & my wife are confused. I might add that I am overweight, but the urologist does not seem to think that alone is the problem...he also says that taking a testosterone supplement would cause me to stop producing sperm. I also might add that I am a warfarin patient for anticardiolipids, my blood has a tendency to clot. We are confused & we need direction! Someone please advise!

Also we are both 24 & she has been checked out as-well; everything appears to be okay on her end.

Lance & Wife :?:
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