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My Strange Fertility History

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My Strange Fertility History

Postby amberlin » Tue Dec 08, 2009 11:12 pm

I think a great deal of my fertility history can be attributed to the fact I had an eating disorder for the majority of my teenage years. I can count on my hands how many periods I've had my entire life...

There were plenty of times that I should have gotten pregnant, but never did. Especially when I was a teenager. It never happened (thankfully).

Then, I went to a treatment center for my eating disorder and when I came back, I got pregnant right away. When my first child was about 6 months old, we decided we wanted another, but nothing happened. I used every natural method, even clomid, and ovulation predictor kits, etc. I just wasnt ovulating regularly. I finally got pregnant (six months later) but miscarried at only 5 weeks.I got pregnant right after the miscarriage (my doctor said you can be more fertile after a miscarriage than normal because of horomone shifts)

Anyways, it's been seven months since I had my second child, and we haven't used any kind of protection, and I suspect we'll have the same problems again. I didn't have a network with my last unexplained infertility, or support group, so even though I'm not trying yet, I thought I'd join and get to know you ladies, so that when I do try, i have some support and understanding.
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