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Testing options

Postby onegoodswimmer » Mon May 31, 2010 9:48 pm

Hi all,
I am getting to that point of complete and utter desperation. I know some of you have been there as well. Here's our story.

TTC 3 years, I am 39, my husband 43. We were diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve and my husband has borderline low sperm count. I also have history of ovarian cysts and endometriosis. After one laproscopic to remove a large cyst, the docs found a large mass/wall of adhesions. Upon first ultrasound, found an odd bright white streak, which required hysteroscopy (and don't let anyone tell you this is an easy, painless outpatient procedure. This was quite painful!)

In addition to the hysteroscopy, we have had HSG (ouch!), full blood work up, and husband had complete work up and extensive testing with the urologist.

We have just completed our 3rd round of IVF, the first two fresh (no eggs to spare!), and this past one FET. We get beta results tomorrow, but don't feel confident about it as today is 14dpt of 3 day embies...and all hpt negative. They should show positive today. We have to wait until tomorrow for test as it is memorial day.

What I want to know is, WHAT IS NEXT?
How often does it take more than 3 tries to conceive?

What additional tests can/should we do to determine the viability of our embies? We are thinking surrogacy, but if our embies are not going to make it, then it will be wasted money, yes?

Is it worth trying another clinic? We are at UC San Francisco, generally a stellar hospital across the board in the US, but not in the top ten IVF clinics. Any suggestions on other clinics? I heard there is a good one in Colorado, New York City and London.

Any help, thoughts, advice would be so appreciated. I don't know anyone else going through this, or who has gone through this. It has been a VERY loney and isolating year.

Thank you all,
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