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Ovarian drilling-HELP-GHOST

Postby miyaya » Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:30 pm

Hi! I am looking for some feedback on ovarian drilling. My history is a long one but here it is in a nutshell....
Me 33 PCOS. DH normal. Annovulatory. Conceived ds on 100mg clomid/met with monitoring and hcg trigger. Been TTC #2 for 2.5 years. Failed clomid, failed 3 injectible cycles, HSG clear, very tiny polyps removed. Down reg IVF's beginning September 2009 using gonal f/menopur IVF#1 BFN....only two eggs b/c HCG was not strong enough. IVF#2 21 eggs, 2 transferred (none made it to freeze) ended in chemical. IVF #3 BFN 12 eggs, 1 trasnferred on day 2. RE thinkgs eggs might not be as mature as they could or possible quality issues.

So we decided to consult with another fertility doc before deciding what to do next.He spoke with another RE in Boston and they are thinking that we should not have moved to IVF so quickly and that I should try ovarian drilling, get backon metformin and try some clomid cycles with letrozole???Only use IVF as last resort....They said that drilling can restore ovulatory function in approx 70% of people with PCOS? Has anyone had success? thoughts???
Me (34) with PCOS, LAc
DH (36) TTC#2 IVF#1- -BFN, IVF #2--miscarriage:( 21 eggs and nottin left...bad embies:(, IVF#3--July 2010-12 eggs, only 1 embie made it. BFN!, IVF #4 Miscarriage #2, IVF #5, Miscarriage #3 , [b]IVF #6[/b ?
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