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We have been trying for the last 5 month but I am no

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We have been trying for the last 5 month but I am no

Postby ramas197 » Fri Oct 14, 2011 9:00 am

I am 30 years old, married since last one year to my friend who is also 30 years old. For the first 8 months we planned, then after we thought for a baby. However we have been trying for the last 5 month but I am not conceiving. Recently my husband got his semen analysis with abstination for 4 days. The semen count was 28million/cc, actively motile sperm 60%, dead-25% and sluggish –15%. What is the normal sperm count needed to conceive? Is it possible to enhance the sperm count to the required level from the present level of 28million/cc, if yes, then please advice us what to do. Is there any medicine in ayurveda or allopathy to increase the sperm count. I consulted with a Doctor who advised us to get the semen analysis after having 7 days gap, another Doctor advised to keep 5 days gap. Please suggest which is true? I have a regular 25 days’ menstrual cycle. Is it normal? Then what would be the period of ovulation, so that effective intercourse could be done? Is it necessary to keep some days gap before the ovulation period to allow more sperm count? How many times a day one need to do sex within that period? Is it true that after one or two intercourse or two day of intercourse sperm count decreases? Looking forward to all these answer from you.
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Re: We have been trying for the last 5 month but I am no

Postby woodyanita » Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:42 pm

You must give at least six months time for conceiving and then only consult doctor. It seems you are very concerned about the semen analysis report. Its always better to consult the specialist doctor and take their view and follow the treatment. You can refer to the frequently asked questions about sperm count and semen analysis report at http://www.iwannagetpregnant.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=71&Itemid=66#top
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Re: We have been trying for the last 5 month but I am no

Postby Warren Dew » Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:23 am

That semen analysis is fine. If the morphology is also good, the sperm are unlikely to be the problem.
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Re: We have been trying for the last 5 month but I am no

Postby Ilyana » Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:43 am

I would suggest you to make tests, visit a specialist, I think the problem is not in the sperm, it could be anything from your side, it could be curable or is can be not.... in depends upon the medical issue... but in any case you should try to mark your ovulation day and try to have sex in this period of time (2 days before and after). If some moths it fails, you should go to a gynaecologist of a reproductive area.
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