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Sudden Change in Results.....Help!

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Sudden Change in Results.....Help!

Postby Nelo » Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:59 am

Hello everyone,
I am new to this Forum, and have had one failed IVF. I have concerns for few days now. I had what they considere​d very good AMH-1.6 and my last FSH was 8.4; all these results were prior to my first infertili​ty treatment and failed IVF/ICSI.

However, my partner and I wanted to try again with another clinic, and our new doctor requested for new lab test, which I did and the results were quite devastati​ng: 0.45 AMH and 11.1 FSH especiall​y having had very good results prior undertaki​ng infertili​ty treatment few months ago.

Does anyone understan​d why this sudden huge drop in AMH and increase in FSH; does it have to do with the failed treatment​? I really am someone who God has blessed with good health all my life, but this.....​...????

What does this mean especially when we are ready to go thru another IVF/ICSI by next month?

Any Dos and Don'ts? Food types (I have never changed diet though). Any recommendation would help people. Thank you.
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Re: Sudden Change in Results.....Help!

Postby royalking » Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:20 am

Here’s a look at some of these infertility herbs and how they are used as fertility remedies at http://anxietyhelpexperts.com/:

Red clover is probably the most popular and common fertility remedy ever known to mankind. It is packed with all the vitamins and nutrients that nourish the uterus and relax the nervous system. As a result, conception is triggered. Additionally they say that it becomes more effective if taken with raspberry leaf. Its high calcium content is responsible to restore hormonal balance. Both should be taken daily as a tea.

Aberrations in ovulation has a lot to do with fertility problems. Thus, what better herb can help you if not False Unicorn root? Besides restoring hormonal balance, this very powerful plant also helps in stimulating the ovaries, thereby promoting ovulation. That is why it is considered as one of the most effective fertility remedies. If False Unicorn is not available, Stinging Nettle can be used as replacement. This plant is known to have high levels of chlorophyll which when taken daily as a tea will aid in regulating the body’s hormones.
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