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Premature ovarian failure ( premature menopause )

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Premature ovarian failure ( premature menopause )

Postby AshleighC2003 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:31 pm

Help im only 16. I was diagnosed when i was 15 of premature ovarian failure. My life plan was to get a great education a house then some children. Doctors have offered me egg retrieval then IVF later in life even though the chances of them even being able to extract the eggs is 0.01% CHANCE. I am absolutely devastated. This has caused me already to have a slight dysfunction in my liver and kidneys, mild osteoporosis and arthritis. I have been tested for numerous things as there is a huge indication of auto immune disease but they don't know which one. I can't finish my last year of school as i cannot walk far or stand up for longer than 10 minutes because it hurts my knee's pelvis and hips. I also have lost a lot of function in my right hand as thats where i have an AVM too, ( venous malformation ) I have also been tested for tumours but nothing. I have been reading about FIBROMYALGIA and an awful lot of my symtoms fit including the infertility side of it. I was hoping someone here if they suffer from this can share there story with me and help basically. So please, if you can share even just the tiniest bit of information it would mean a great deal. Thankyou x
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