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Surrogacy in Mexico

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Re: Surrogacy in Mexico

Postby princessD » Fri Feb 26, 2016 1:33 pm

I was in Mexico. You can be sure that it is better to go there only for rest. But not for medical treatment! It should be mentioned that I was looking for surrogacy, but it doesn’t matter. In the state of Tabasco surrogacy program is conducted not only for traditional families. Representatives of sexual minorities, the carriers of the AIDS virus/HIV and patients with viral hepatitis can also use surrogacy programs. Surrogate mothers who are in the program, unfortunately, are not always checked properly. Not in all cases, they undergo a medical examination and testing. It entails a variety of diseases, mutations in the unborn child, complications GS/childbirth, and much more. Any legally working and self-respecting clinic will never allow such violations. Of course, in Mexico you can save a few thousand dollars. Here surrogacy can be offered for 7-8 thousand dollars. But it is only visual side of the payments. They will also propose you to pay extra fees. But, as we all know, saving money, we don’t get always a qualitative result.
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Re: Surrogacy in Mexico

Postby KimmyK » Mon Jul 25, 2016 9:14 pm

I've also heard terrible things about surrogacy in Mexico. Their doctors have nothing saint! How could they not check surrogate mother properly?! I read such review about Mexico not for the first time. I'm not saying all their clinics are bad. But some of them just ruin all impression and status of reproductive medicine in the whole country! Such clinics exist everywhere unfortunately. Also there are hundreds of fake agencies. They take money away from miserable people and continue to live happily. It's obvious that after clinic, which treated you like that, you can't believe again. Even if it's the best clinic in the world and there is no negative reviews. There are so many people, who faced such clinics/agencies/surrogate mothers(yes, there are fraudsters even among them!). They put all hope and have already imagined how they become parents. After such failure you won't be able to believe again…

Fortunately my first surrogacy have a happy ending. I had surrogacy procedure in Kiev, Ukraine. I was fully sure that surrogate mother was healthy and had her own healthy kids. Ukraine is becoming popular among foreign infertile couples nowadays.

We had surrogacy in biotexcom. I don't know maybe you've heard about this clinic. The most surprising for us was there were so many people. There were couples from all over the world. Some came for their first meeting with doctor. Some came for fertilization. some came for ultrasound check. We talk with couple from France. They came for delivery of their baby. They looked so happy, I will never forget those sparkles in their eyes… That was an exact moment when I made a decision to sign contract with this clinic.

Our sm gave birth to our precious baby girl last year. They found surrogate mother for us in 2,5 months. We paid approximately 40 000 euros for everything. Though there were so many people and lines were very long, but I think the result worth it)
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Re: Surrogacy in Mexico

Postby hengkhmer » Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:54 am

Thanks for this post Queader! Now I've got to get on and implement more thank you.. :P
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Re: Surrogacy in Mexico

Postby MarryHanna » Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:10 pm

Hey, I am new here. We have 3 children. We are planning for a 4th baby now. My husband is from Japan. He wants a big family. We are appreciating surrogacy. It's a hope for infertile couples. After trying for each and every method. We are now planning for surrogacy. But we have listened that Ukraine is best for surrogacy. One of my friends has the experience. This is the reason we are planning to go there. What do you say?
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