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Low T - infertility and other weird nonsense

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Low T - infertility and other weird nonsense

Postby Daria_ » Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:25 am

I am new to this board and I wanted to discuss an issue thats been on my mind for the past year. I have been married 1 year and I am in my late 20's. When my husband and I were dating he told me he has low testosterone and he takes injections. I was a little bit shocked that he would disclose this issue with me. He wanted to be honest and upfront. I didnt want kids so this wasnt a big deal to me. I didnt care at the time. He explained that about 6 or 7 years ago he was depressed and his doctor told him your testosterone is low so he gave him these injections. Hes been on them ever since. He said if he doesnt take them it will affect his libido and energy and stuff. I have no idea why he continued taking these shots for years when his depression was only a phase. Being on these shots probably made him infertile now. The million dollar question that we need answered is: Does depression cause low testosterone or is low testosterone caused by being depressed. I know for a fact if you have low testosterone and you been on injections for years the likelihood that you can have a kid is very very low. I am not saying its impossible but he probably has low sperm count or maybe none at all. He has never done a semen analysis for fertility so I have no way of truly knowing. Research and science shows that those with low T have a hard time conceiving and they may need IVF and yaddi yadda. I know they can try to induce sperm production with HcG and clomid and other hormones that they give the man.

Why am I concerned about his sperm if I dont even want a kid? Its weird and kind of twisted. I dont want kids now but I want to know that I am capable of getting pregnant. I just have a burning desire to know that my husband and I have the human ability and capacity to become pregnant. Whether the pregnancy turns into a miscarriage or stillbirth or whatever, I dont care for that. All I care is that we need to have the ability to become pregnant naturally via intercourse where a sperm fertilizes an egg. If the fetus/zygote dies after 2 minutes is not a problem, the issue is I want to be able to get pregnant for at least 1 second via natural methods. Having this happen will give me comfort and I can go on living a normal life. I know this sounds weird that I dont want a child now but I do want to know that I have the potential to get pregnant. Is there anything wrong with feeling this way?

I just want him to be able to have the ability to get me pregnant. Even though I dont want a child. This is a psychological issue I guess. Its the fact that how come other women's husbands can get them pregnant and mine cant? It hurts my pride and makes me feel like if he really cant make me pregnant then I am void and I am not normal and we are not normal.

We have been married for a year now. Its not like I want to get pregnant on purpose but we have been having unprotected sex this whole year. Since he told me he has low T I thought well theres no way he can get me pregnant or at least its highly unlikely. Having low T is like birth control to me. I dont even need to be on birth control. I dont have to monitor my ovulation or be scared cuz it seems like he cannot get me pregnant. So far in these 12 months I have not gotten pregnant. I did purposelly have sex with him on many months where it was close to ovulation time or an ovulation day to see if he could get me pregnant. Nothing happened though. Maybe I miscalculated the ovulation day but why does that matter. He has low T nearly impossible to get pregnant.

I get these emotional phases once in a while where I get sad and wonder if he were to do a semen analysis would it come back zero or would the doctor say yes you guys can get pregnant. I told him in an indirect way he should go get his testosterone checked again since he hasnt checked it in like 6 or 7 years. What if the dose hes on now is wrong. I mean after years pass you need to get checked again. He doesnt want kids either, but if he could get me pregnant I would feel better. I still wouldnt want a kid. I guess its the idea of "getting" me pregnant that I am infatuated with. All of this is based on assumption though. I have no test to prove he is infertile but my gut tells me he is since no pregnancy has occured yet. If you have been on testosterone for 5+ years your body probably does not produce sperm to cause pregnancy. The testosterone injections tell your body to shut down normal sperm production. Is it wrong to feel the way I am feeling? I need someone to tell me this is normal or abnormal. I dont know if this is my subconcious mind wanting me to love the idea of getting pregnant to prepare me in the future to bring a child into the world. Is it just my subconcious mind trying to warn me. I totally do not want kids now. But when im 32 or 35 or 40 I dont know what I will feel then. I am young and lost.
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Re: Low T - infertility and other weird nonsense

Postby Alexcade » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:34 pm

I am also infertile. I am also taking many fertility treatments. After marriage, having children is the utmost wish of a couple. We tried our best to fulfill this. But nothing positive happened. I was taking the treatment of PCOS before marriage. That was recovered with treatment. I do not know what to do now? I am here for this. Should we go for surrogacy now? My friends told me about it? What can be the charges? Ukraine is best according to my knowledge.
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