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IVF won’t work

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IVF won’t work

Postby brookeliam » Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:09 am

Hi ! its a most difficult/emotional decisions a woman ever has to make.I have a suggestion for you....I was also facing such like situation in which you are in.I was unable to conceive a baby that is a very formidable prospect for couples. Although my husband is very loving and caring but when he feels that his friends or other family members having kids but he has'nt this thing hurts me alot. Then I discuss with my husband to suggest me whether i have to go through a process of IVF or not because i heard that IVF significantly increases a couple’s chances of having a baby. For my satisfaction he allowed me to do that and thank GOD it was successfull and now i have a baby boy. It has pros and cons but it depends on your luck! its advantages include we get a great blessing of GOD in the form of offspring.It is a very physical and financial endeavor. I think IVF is today’s a better option for couples who have failed to conceive a pregnancy after undergoing a series of less complicated medical procedures. My question is how long you will wait ??. If you have already invested financially and emotionally in the medical tests, diagnosis, finding doctors, etc. So IVF may feel like the easier next step to you.And this decision sadly affects lots of women...atleast it hurts me a lot .The worst thing that i observe is underlying health issues are not addressed and the procedure is more like throwing a dart to see if it will work for you.If the underlying issues are not encountered, it’s very likely that IVF won’t work or the pregnancy will not be healthy.It disturb my periods life cycle.It is too much costly....
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Re: IVF won’t work

Postby riley129 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:41 pm

I am glad you raised this topic. Thankyou for this caring suggestion you are 100 percent right. IVF is not a single treatment but a series of procedures. PGD can help to ensure that only healthy embryos are transferred. As genetic abnormality is a leading cause of miscarriage, this testing is often helpful in cases of recurrent pregnancy loss. ICSI is a good option when male infertility is a factor. In this procedure a single healthy sperm is injected directly into an egg. These process are the best that describe the IVF process completely now its time to make a baby.
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Re: IVF won’t work

Postby erikapaul » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:43 am

Hello dear, how do you do. I am really sorry for your condition. You are really an amazing women. I am really sorry but no one can do nothing. It could happen to anyone. Yes you are right. It is not easy to just step back from these things. Once you've invested your time and money. You want some outcomes. You want people to help you. You are emotionally broken. You can do nothing about it. I really feel this. My friend faced same condition. You are my friend too dear. Just pm me whenever you feel disheartened or anything. I am here for your help. please tell me anything you need.
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Re: IVF won’t work

Postby tatebrown » Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:09 am

Hi, guys! Too long I was looking for the clinic, in my country, It is important to note that I had no sacs of money. After a long searching, I got to Ukraine. We contacted different clinics. Eventually, we stopped at the clinic of reproductive medicine. What attracted me? Well, the first thing is, of course, the price, it was absolutely adequate and reasonable. I chose the “all-inclusive” package, there were absolutely everything, accommodation and all I needed in a foreign country. I would just pay for the flight. And what is most important that the clinic offers the guarantee, you have the unlimited attempts, for the single price they provide treatment until you get your child. If you did I guess five attempts and nothing happened all the money are returned to you, not the 20 or 50 % as many other clinics provide, speaking about the guarantee. Conditions were of a very high level, the staff is very friendly. There is no language barrier, managers speak different languages. I succeed in the second attempt. I have a wonderful daughter. We still keep in touch with my manager. I didn't even have a chance to bear my child, and I am not the biological mother, only my husband is and it doesn't prevent me to feel the happiest mother in the world.
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Re: IVF won’t work

Postby Ghost » Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:30 am

Avoid IVF and sorrogacy in Ukraine. Clinics there hire shills to post on this site under sock accounts posing as patients. Avoid any centers that advertise deceptively.
Avoid IVF and surrogacy in Ukraine. Ukrainian centers pay shills to post here under numerous sock accounts pretending to be patients in Ukraine. Centers using such deceptive advertising cannot be trusted and should be avoided.
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