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Need your suggestions from your personal experience.

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Need your suggestions from your personal experience.

Postby brookeliam » Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:37 am

Hy guyz! i need your help and suggestions for my pregnancy. i am going to tell you about my previous pregnancy case. After my marriage I come to pregnancy very soon and my in-laws even every body from my family was happy for me because it in our family that no a single women got pregnancy too earlier after her marriage.I was also very happy because I was able to give them happiness. My pregnancy was going alright.I faced no issues till the 8th month of my pregnancy.But at the end of 8th month my miscarriage happend. It hurts me alot. When i heard the news of the death of my baby I can't bear that and i had a nervous breakdown at the same time at the same bed in the same hospital or clinic.I took time to recover.Aafter that life continue. After 2 years I was again pregnant second time. At this time i was too much happy for my kid but I was also afraid form my first miscarriage. Hardly 2-3 months passed and i went to doctor for my check up and he said that your baby's is not growing and we have to operate it otherwise it will harm you. At third time same case was with me. I want to know that why baby's growth stopped in the middle?.Need your suggestions from your personal experience.....
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Re: Need your suggestions from your personal experience.

Postby Ghost » Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:54 pm

Many embryonic arrests are due to aneuploidy. This might be prevented by using genetic screening of embryos in future attempts at pregnancy.
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