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Re: Infertility - Conception Help

Postby KattyH » Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:22 pm

The post is so clumsy I didn't even get it what you want to convey. Are you like a nurse, pharmacist, dietician what? You're presenting this case study to support what and who does it really concerns? Or you simply some Graphic editor's paid marketing team honking for business video service eh! Too bad.. you did an awful job by posting a clumsy message almost gave out your cover... this forum is for English speakers and your sounds more like gibberish. Oh, you need to work a lot on your communication skills but for now, do not hijack the posts on the site to hammer on your marketing. Women with genuine problems come here in search of answers and support to deal with their infertility. Lot of them have been though a lot in life already why make a mockery of their pain by turning this platform as your marketing base. None of them really sounds like your intended prospective clients. So, please refrain from posting these shits.
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Re: Infertility - Conception Help

Postby pagerelvia33 » Sat Apr 20, 2019 7:37 am

that's a good post.
completely agree with you.
I keep seeing all of the advertising posts and comments all over the net. and some people are brave enough to call those people out. however, most of the users just ignore those. which is fine by me. but I think that it won't stop anyone from posting ads here and there
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