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Can't Ejaculate since spinal cord injury. Left Vasdeferen??

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Can't Ejaculate since spinal cord injury. Left Vasdeferen??

Postby bigwheels » Fri Jan 21, 2005 9:27 pm

Yes. I was Injured about 5 years ago. I broke T-10. I can still get an erection . I can maintain it better using cialis. Thing is I do not know when i orgazim. If i do even orgazim I have not been able to ejaculate since the enjury. Since I met my girl friend I have had a pretty healthy sexual relationship with her. Wich has called for me to perform more than i ever have on the regular basis. I think i do orgazim. I just never ejaculate. Just about a month ago I noticed swelling an alot of pain in my left testical. I went to the emergency room. They said it was an infection. So they gave me antibiotics. Well when the results from the lab finally came back ...there was no infection. I grew out no sign of an infection. ALso the MRI showed no twisting or no tumor. The swelling passed after about a week an a half. ALthough the LEft Vas Deferend an Epidymus is still firm an swollen some. Could Not ecjaculating regularly cause this? Its been almost a month now, an the vas Different Around my testi is still firm an bigger than it was before. PLease give me any info you have. AN what i should do about it. Thanks Alot-
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Postby ogr1 » Fri Jan 21, 2005 11:25 pm

so is this stopping you from getting your girlfriend pregant ? or you worried about having sex?

i am no doctor but i wouldnt mess around if there is swelling i would keep going to a doctor until they could give me some answers or it could end up one day not being able to get someone pregnant.

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