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Just found out, I have PCOS

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Just found out, I have PCOS

Postby SSgtWife » Mon May 23, 2005 12:50 am

So, Jeremy and I have been trying to have a child since we married 14 months ago. My biggest pet peeve? People telling us, we're rushing or trying to hard, or it's not our time..etc. PEOPLE PLEASE!!!! Don't start preaching. There's more to getting pregnant than what you think. We're proof of it. Just I started getting fertility testing done in Aug of 2004. That dr. sent me to another dr. who made me uncomfortable and gave me medication to take to make my AF (or Aunt Flo or menstruals) start. I didn't see him again. I changed doctors after feeling my first doctor wasn't very helpful. Sometimes having Tricare can really bite in the butt. My new doctor is very thorough, she referred me to another dr. who did all my testing. I saw my regular doctor every 6 months to keep her updated. Jeremy was supposed to have his SA (or seman analysis) done, but ended up having emergency surgery on his appendix. So, he did his test on the 31st of March. It came back with some flags. With all the research I read, I confronted the dr. about it and he told me my findings weren't true. I even asked him if I could have PCOS (or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and he told me no. He did tell me that I was suffering from POF (or Premature Ovarian Failure). I'm 22 for crying out loud. How can I possiblity be in pre menopause? I wanted to scream and tell him to do something instead of telling me no. Finally, Jeremy and I were referred to a RE (or Reproductive Endocrinologist). He is awesome. He did an interview and took notes, then he did and u/s (or ultrasound) and determined that I do in fact have PCOS and severly. We went back to his office where we dicussed my medicaitons (or meds) I would be on and the dosage and what test he would perform. First I was to take progesterone so I could have an AF, I would also take Clomid. He wanted to have my blood tested to see if I was IR (or Insulin Resistant) and I am so he put me on Metformin. Jeremy of course still has to repeat his SA just to rule him out. Yea!!! All the blame gets stuck on me. Thanks a lot. I feel like a broken car in the shop getting fixed.
I've been moody and irritable, sleepy and not really hungry, among other things on the meds. It's just some of the side effects. Weird thing, I lost 8lbs in 2 days. Go me. Now if only I can start 126 in the face again.
I've been feeling some what of a cramp. It's extremely light almost like a long overdue stretch near my pelvic. Could that be AF? Hopefully so. The sooner we can start the clomid the sooner we'll know if I'll be moving on to injectables.
I also made a blog, just so I won't have to keep update family. For anyone whose interested, its http://jeremyandtyakeia.blogspot.com/

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Postby DeniseM » Mon May 23, 2005 3:00 pm

Hi Tyakeia

It's interesting how much advise people have who have not experienced infertility isn't it?

I don't know how many times I've been told that I need to stop trying and it will happen on its own. The other girls on the site will attest to the fact that when you have fertility issues, that statement is not true.

Good for you in being so proactive with your treatment. At 22 you need answers. We've been trying since I was 26 (I'm 28 now), and people had the nerve to suggest that I've waited too long, and I'm too old to be fertile now.

My brother in law suggested that because my chest, hip, and waist measurement are similar, it was likely that I couldn't get pregnant, that girls with hour glass figures were more fertile. Load of crap.

Try to find something to de-stress, this is a very stressful process.

The girls on this site are very supportive, try the general forum out, especially when you start treatment. You can compare notes with girls going through the same stuff.

Good luck!
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