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Need encouragement.

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Need encouragement.

Postby Cori » Mon Aug 07, 2006 2:36 pm

Hello everyone!
I am a 28 year old who went through an ectopic pregnancy 17 months ago. My husband and I had just decided to stop using birth ontrol and leave it in God's hands. I did not know that I was pregnant when I went to the ER with excruciating pain that escalated over the course of 3 days. It was there that they told me what was happening. I was fortunate enough to save my right tube through the use of Methtrexate rather than surgery. Since then I have been told that I have a blocked right tube and a pituitary adenoma that they found fter investigating because of high prolactin levels. I have been treated for the high prolactin levels through meds and began Clomis this last month. I developed 3 follicles this past cycle yet have still failed to conceive. IUI is the next couseof action. Does anyone know if the course of treatment they are using for me sounds correct. I am beginning to think that I will never be able to have a child. I cry all the time and feel like a complete failure. What are my chances of ever conceiving? I have also been told that I have adenomyosis and may have endometriosis which they think may have caused the ectopic and a comples ovarian cyst that I have on my right ovary. I opted against laparoscopy at this point so, no conclusion shave been mad. Any advice for me. I appreciate any. Thank you!
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Postby Jovigal » Mon Aug 07, 2006 2:48 pm

Hey Cory, first of all remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This is a great board to come vent to. We all get really down sometimes but I'm a true believer that remaining Positive, reaps great results. Alot of times, right when you think there's no hope, God sends you a sign.

I also had a pituitary micoradenoma. My prolactin levels were high (in the 90's). I didn't like the medication they put me on and didn't want to remain on it so I opted for surgery. I had it removed and 4 months later got PG with my daughter. My levels stay normal now, below 20. But we also have male factor issues, low counts.

It sounds like IVF would be a better procedure for you since you have blocked tubes. I would talk to your doc about it.

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Thank you

Postby Cori » Mon Aug 07, 2006 6:34 pm

Thank you so much for your reply. I just found this discussion group and was so glad because for a year and a half I have wanted to talk to someone other than my husband and family. I know that a lot of people have it so much worse than I do but I am scared to death that I will not have children. My prolactin levels actually were only slightly elevated and are now actually normal and only one of my tubes is blocked according to the Hsg test. My doctor said that having only 1 opened tube actually does not reduce your fertility it just takes longer to conceive. Do you know anything about this? I can use any advice I can get. I am so happy for you that your dreams came true.
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Blocked tubes - ectoopic

Postby Lavender » Mon Sep 25, 2006 6:26 pm

Hi Cori,

I was in your shoes. Trust me, the pain kills and then the loss of the baby becos of the ectopic. I know how it feels I went thru the exact same thing, they gave me Methtrexate. Before going any further trying to get yourself pregnant, first evaluate the status of your tubes. Ask your Dr about the HSG test. The reason I am telling you to do this is becos it will tell you if they are in bad shape and if IVF is the only option for you or not. Also you dont have to worry about an another ectopic if everythign looks ok. I was facing constant disappointments every month and now I know what my problem is and am well prepared to face it. Goodluck and keep me posted.

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Keep your head up.. I am going through something similar..

Postby infertilityinfo » Thu Dec 06, 2007 4:15 am

I just wanted to tell you that I have IUI and so far it has not been successful. It is expensive but physically it wasn't that bad..Emotionally if you don't get pregnant that is the tough part though.. I had laproscopy and that was fine. It is out-patient surgery and I didn't hurt at all. I didn't have to take pain meds really.. because my doc only cut me with very small incisions. So dont be afraid..

I have wrote everything that I know, everything that has happened to me and any information that I can give to help others... Please read it if you have time. I am very detailed and I tell the truth of what happened to me.. This may help you..

Stay strong.. http://infertilityinfo.blogspot.com :)
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Postby gori » Fri Jan 18, 2008 8:36 pm

Hi Cori, yes, you have come to the right forum. There are plenty of people like you, who have gone thru emotions of total despair, hopelessness... to one of hope and optimism for the future. Thanks to all the latest technological solutions, many of us, who never dreamt of becoming parents, are realizing our dreams. We had male factor issues, so I cannot relate to your specific issues or advise but I can tell you there are so many miraculous successful stories out there, which fill you up with tons of hope for a brighter future... My best wishes are with you. Baby dust to you & to all of us!!
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