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Follicle size

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Follicle size

Postby Cori » Tue Nov 28, 2006 9:18 pm

I took 50 mg of Clomid this cycle (days 3-6 because of my over response to it) I went in for my follicle check yesterday and had 2 follies on the right. They measured 38mm and 28mm. the ultrasonographer told me that there was a little fluid in my cervix signifying that ovualtion was probably about to take place. My nurse that performs my IUI"s said that the 38mm was probably "flat" and the 28mm is perfect. The night before my ultrasound, the OPK test came back positive. I received the Profasi shot yesterday and had my IUI today and will as well tomorrow. My question is.... is there a possibility that the 38mm still was not released and how do they tell if the 28mm was released already? My NP said that the 28mm would be released today (the time f my IUI) Is thi true?
In general, when a follicle reached these sizes are they spontaneously released and did I miss my ovulaion ? I am worried because my OPK was positive on Sunday night and I did not have the IUI until today. Would the follicles not be present on the ultrasound if they were already released?
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