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Lack of funding for Infertility in the UK

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Lack of funding for Infertility in the UK

Postby shantala » Thu Feb 15, 2007 12:28 pm

hi everyone

as you will all have seen on here over and over again couples have to give up their dream because of MONEY (or lack of!)....i (and a number of other women) think this is a disgrace....in the UK we do not have insurance to cover our attempts and the NHS (national health service) rules are very strict...for example, if either of the couple already have a child, you cannot get funding....so here i am at 21 years of age with a husband who already has a child but who also has very low motility and count, and we cannot get IVF/ICSI on the NHS. we have to pay and have just paid £4500 ish. how? by taking out a loan and selling my husband's motorbike...if this doesnt work (which, lets be fair, the odds are against us!) then i dont know what we'll do....we're looking to take out a second mortgage at the moment so that the pressure is less if this first time doesnt work.....what i'm saying is, just coz my dh has a child with ANOTHER woman...thats not MY child...i didnt carry that little one and give birth to it and raise it...and yet the government is against me...

so....thats just my situation and i know there are 100s more out there that cannot get treatment....too old, too young...blah blah blah (oh and by the way if my dh didnt have a child, i'd be too young to have treatment at our local hospital, which is an hour away...one has to be 39 to get free treatment there!)...

anyway, some of us on the dec/jan thread have thought about doing something about this...i thought about starting up a petition to our government (the lovely Mr Blair) and then stumbled across a petition already going asking for more funding to be allocated to infertility. You can get more information and sign up to this on:


I've already done so and so have 469 people so far but we need a lot more people than that for our government to take us seriously! Very unfortunately only UK residents can sign up for this....

if you dont agree with this then please accept my apologies...


shantala x
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