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IUI Stimulation Protocols

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IUI Stimulation Protocols

Postby Henrietta » Fri May 25, 2007 1:56 pm

Hey ladies, just want to get an idea of what type of protocols doctors are putting some women on for IUI w/injectables. Do you girls mind telling me what type of protocol you had or have. Does anyone know exactly why the menopur at the end of the stimulation? I think it is for egg quality, does anyone have an opinion. Praying that we all get BFPs soon. My protocol is as follows:

Follistim days 3 thru 7 a.m. 75IU then add menopur days 8 thru 11 p.m. 75IU.
TTC 1 year
1st IUI Jan 07 BFN
2nd IUI Feb 07 cancelled
3rd IUI April 29, 07 2ww=BFN
TTC ICI again Mar 08
TWW Test April 8th resulted in BFN
2nd ICI April 26, test on May 10.
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