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IUI question regular OBGYN or Specialist?

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IUI question regular OBGYN or Specialist?

Postby taylorsmommy05 » Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:43 pm

Forgive me in advance for my stupid question. I am not meeting with my doctor for another couple of weeks. I know all about IVF w/egg donation.. as I went through all that a few years ago. MY dh and I ended up adopting our DD! She is now two! We are considering using a surrogate (my closest friend) in the near future. She and I meet with our OBGYN in a couple of weeks to discuss things with her. I know my fertility dr does IUI, I also know because he is a fertility dr.. I would probably be paying twice as much for it if we should decide to go this route. My question is, do some regular OBs do this?
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