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IVF canceled/ converted to IUI

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IVF canceled/ converted to IUI

Postby alittlegrace » Tue Sep 25, 2007 12:27 pm

My first IVF cycle was canceled yesterday due to poor stimulation and low E2 levels. It was hard news to hear, that after all those injections they said I had to quit. I have 2 mature follicles, so my RE wants to convert to IUI. DH gave me my shot of HCG last night. Tomorrow we go in for the procedure. I have had 2 failed IUI'S in the past, which is why we went to IVF. I am pretty discouraged. Is there anyone out there that has had a similar situation, and got a BFP out of and unexpected IUI?

Me 34
DH 35
one healthy son age 14 natural BFP
stillborn daughterin 1996 natural BFP
5 M/C'S all natural BFP'S
My body has for some reason decided to protest :cry:
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Postby onesweetangel » Fri Jul 25, 2008 7:54 pm

I am in a similar position as you. Our IVF cycle was cancelled also. I had 32 follies, 12 eggs, responded really well to the injections. Docs said my stats was just as perfect as a donor. after our egg retrieval the embryologist called the following day to say our eggs were not matured I was baffled. To make the situation even crazier the docs are baffled and still trying to figure out what happened.
DH and I are going to undergo our first cycle of IUI in 2 weeks.

Don't be discouraged and I know that is easier said than done. But having a positive outlook on this world is so crucial mentally. You have two matured follicles but remember it only takes one.

Please keep me posted and I will do the same with you.

Good luck and baby dust.

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