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Never, ever give up hope...

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Never, ever give up hope...

Postby jan33 » Fri Nov 02, 2007 3:50 am

Hi All...just wanted to post this to let everyone know NEVER to give up hope. After 11 cycles of DI, we were successful and our beautiful son was born Sept 23rd. We are ecstatic and completely in love with him--and so happy we kept pursuing our dream.
We have been married 14 years and had resigned ourselves to the understanding that we would never have children. Then, a fertility clinic opened close to our home, so we decided to pursue our dream. As you can see from my profile, we miscarried last year which was devastating. But we kept on, and after lots of $$ and 11 DIs, we were blessed.
So for those of you currently on the journey...good luck! And for those of you considering DI--go for it! We are so happy we did...

Take care everyone!

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5th DIUI-March 19-M/C 10 wks
11th DIUI - Jan 07 - BFP
Garrett born Sept 23/07!!!
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