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IVF to IUI??? (long)

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IVF to IUI??? (long)

Postby wannabeamomma » Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:01 am


I was just wondering if anyone has had a bfp doing an IUI after IVF? I went to go see my Re after a failed IVF in November. We have been taking a break ever since but wanted to speak to our RE for some closure.
She still thinks I have a chance but wants to try a new approach. She wants to go backwards and try an IUI. Basically since my dh and I have been ttc for 7 years w/out a nat. pg we went straight to IVF in 2006 with high meds (it resulted in an early mc), then in 2007 they through the book at me by using the max they could on meds.
I look perfect on paper as she says. All my numbers are where they are supposed to be and dh is good. So in theory all is good except that when they get to the actually procedure we don't get many eggs (I had 14 empty follies last IVF cycle). We should have gotten about 21 eggs but only got 7. Only 6 fertilised and 2 were okay on day 3. So not only do we get jipped on eggs but the quality is not good for my age group.
So her new plan is to lower the meds to about half the dosage as before and do an IUI. She wants to see how I respond to a different treatment because maybe they shocked my ovaries with too much drug. She doesn't want us to waste the $15k on IVF (which we don't have anyway) so she wants to do a medicated IUI cycle. She wants to see if we ease up on the meds if we would get a better response and better quality embryos. This would only be about $3k w/meds.
Dh and I aren't sure what to do yet as it is still $3k and not guaranteed. I also don't know if I want to wait more on adopting since doing fertility treatments is frowned upon when trying to adopt.
What to do? I am so confused and am scared to get my heart broken again, especially since there is only an 8% chance with IUI. IVF looked to be our best shot and now 2 cycles later, acupuncture and an emotional rollercoaster we have nothing but a depleted savings.

A little backgroundon us. I am 31 and Dh is 30. been ttc for y yrs with no nat. pg. In 2005 I had a laparascopy to remove some endo and adhesions, in 2007 I hade polyps removed from my uterine wall. All bloodwork numbers are within normal range and my Dh's boys are good. As far as testing everthing looks good but when we get to the procedure our embro quality is okay. My Re think we might have an egg issue and some dimished ovarian reserve because of the low numbers we have been getting even using high dose meds. She is hoping that lowering the dose will improve the quality. :roll:
Anyway, any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Postby Charity » Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:01 pm

I don't know if you'd exactly call it a success story, but I did back-pedal on my severity of treatment, too. We did one Clomid cycle of IUI to find out that dh's guys weren't great. We were told very bad and IVF would be our best chances of pg. I went to RE straightaway without wasting any funds on IUI's. We had a good response, all looked good on paper, then when we had our retrieval, should have had 15 eggs, and ended up with only 6 mature, and none fertilized with ICSI. We were crushed. We were going to do another cycle right away with a different protocol, but after the meds got filled, we ran out of coverage. So, canceled the cycle. Was tired of looking at the medications in my fridge, so about 8 months later, and after finding out that dh's boys were not in bad shape, but the cleaning process used by my clinic that didn't work for him, we decided to try out luck at an IUI. Our first try, we got pg with twins. We did loose them at 8 weeks, but it's further than we had ever gotten previously. I'm currently doing my second cycle of IUI since my m/c in August. I am hopeful this is our turn. So, to answer your question, it is not unheard of to move from IVF to IUI. In fact, the RE said that with my pg on our first IUI, he suspects my eggs are highly sensitive and to put it in layman's terms "don't like to be messed with"! :) My RE says that he's never amazed with the miraculous things he's seen. Have faith, but make the right choice for your situation. You're certainly young enough, that I would consider continuing to try. It's quite possible you're body just doesn't respond well to drugs, or to that many drugs, and maybe even a few natural IUI cycles would not be out of the question. My RE believes that in some cases, the least amount of interference the better. Each woman and each woman's body is unique. I hope this has been of some help, and know that you are not alone...Hang in there. In whatever you and dh decide, your journey is not complete yet. Best of luck, and take care...
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