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Thinking about Insemination

Discussion forum for those particularly interested in insemination using partners sperm, or donor insemination.

Thinking about Insemination

Postby superbabysitter » Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:39 am

Hello everyone. I'm here to get thought and opinions. I'm only 19 and am thinking about insemination in the future. I am off to a good start in life. I'm in college and actually have a job in my major doing pharmacy work. I don't want insemination now but thinking about maybe 3 to 5 years from now. I have a natural fear of men thanks to some past experiences and I can't seem to get close to a man but I want a baby so bad. I wasn't raised nicely as a child and would love to have a child of my own to give it a life I never had. I was wondering about you all ideas on this subject. Do you think insemination is a good idea? Is there a chance it might not work? If you have been inseminated has it been a success or no? If so how many tries did it take and if not, are you still trying and how many times have you tried? All responses will be accepted whether negative or positive. I just appreciate the time you've taken to actually answer me. Thank you.
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