Hello I need your help please

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Hello I need your help please

Post by MarinaDpr » Wed Apr 27, 2022 5:46 am

Hello. I need your help. I am 25 years old. Mother died. She gave me big debts. My dad has a different family.
Everything is bad with work, I am from a poor country where there are no opportunities. I know that there are millions of people like me, but if you help me see the light, feel life, then someday I will also help someone, it will be in a chain. I see no future, rat race. Maybe you are pleased that you will change my life and you will be rewarded. Send how many do not mind, a few dollar. Thanks.

I am independent of alcohol. I don't use drugs. I just want to live, not survive. But I can't get out of debt. Thank you very much.

My Bitcoin - "1Mwjzb3swQBcQVMagbgEncpy1xxkPJ1Dge"

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Or any other.

You are my last hope. Please, help.

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