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IUI with low morphology

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IUI with low morphology

Postby ana77 » Wed Dec 21, 2005 3:29 am

Hi can any one been under this similar situation , my doc is suggesting to go for IUI if IUI fail then for IVF , our case is reg. male infertility, my husband sperm count is 70million, motility is 48 percent but his morphology is low 16 % under WHO analysis.Will IUI be success for us?Is ther anyone who got pregant with low morphology? Would be happy if anyone share news reg. this.
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Postby BecP » Mon Jan 02, 2006 7:06 pm

My DH has the same - great count (90+ mill), great swimmers (60-70%) but low good forms (8-10%)
We could have gone for IUI or IVF. We chose IVF because we wanted to get on with it and it had a much higher success rate. We were prepared to do ICSI.However, on the day DH's sampe was FANTASTIC - 24% normal forms!!! We didn't need ICSI and got 80% fertilisation from normal IVF.... We're going to try IUI with meds next. In a way it seems like a backwards step, but it means my body has a bit of a break before IVF again....

I think you need to do what feels right. I was really impatient therefore, went straight for IVF. I still am impatient but think given the improvement in DH it's worth giving IUI a go, though my doc says usually you have the same success rate in 3 IUIS to one IVF if that makes sense.

Good luck in whatever you decide. It's odd isn't it that one factor is bad - I'm sure it's to do with where the men grew up and pollution or chemicals in the water or something!!!

Take care

P.s. I have also had a natural pregnancy, so it IS possible, though we were on honeymoon, so super-relaxed!!
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