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Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.

Postby babyloves » Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:45 pm

RUbylee. thanks for the post...i was impressed by your ticker which says 1 day to go! having any labor signs yet or baby doesn't want to come out yet? good luck with everything!

i have car seats already, but formula is a good idea. i signed up with enfamil, but they haven't sent anything free yet...i guess its still early.

Any other websites where you can get stuff free (that's not a hoax) ?
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Postby stefanie » Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:27 am

A couple of things. _ I second the need to use the book baby bargains. It really helps you focus on what you need. FOr example the Ikea crib gets an A rating for saftey and value and and $100, I could get a better mattress made w/ organic materials.

two - hand me downs - take them. . sure, would I like things to match my modern aesthetic, but some of this stuff is only going to be used for a few months and so I took the ugly fisher price thing my sister gave me. The REAL way to recycle is to actually use things that aren't new.

breast pump - I know all the books say not to use someone elses breast pump, but if they give you one, take it. The expensive, electric base NEVER touches milk. In my case, I got my sisters then went online and replaced all the tubing, and bottels and filters and suction cups for $43. from the manufacturer. Not just because they were used, but also, now all bottles can be found in BPA free versions.

I sold some of my leftover meds (shh!) in exchange for seventh generation diapers. They are pricey but better for the environment, so at least I can start on the right foot.

toys - I would recycle, but also consider the materials, since you are interested in green. Many European companies, make gorgeous but really pricey wooden toys. Look for a company called Melissa & Doug. Great stuff. and really cheap! If it's made of wood and doesn't make it to a hand me down, I fell better about it landing in a landfill as wood than plastic.

Go organic - I registered at Babie's R Us and found a LARGE # of organic items. (many online and not in store) from Layette, to changing pads, and covers, and sleep sacks and towels. Also pricier boutiques have a large selection of organic things. It's your shower. Let people get you the nice stuff

Finally - I plan to pass along many things to a local charity that collects cribs and things for poor mothers. Then some of the really nice things, or things I may have $plurged on, I plan to resell on craig's list, just to get some money and know that there will be more to buy.

DOn't buy too many clothes. This is one thing you will get in spades. One cute selection though of 100% cotton stuff is American Apparel baby clothes on Amazon.com. Things for like $5.95 And they are made in the USA Sweatshop free (I hate their adult stuff but the baby clothes are devine!) I got a whole layette for like $100!

Ask around for things like a bathtub, bouncy seats, swings, a pack n play, A snap n go frame (I bought my car seats new, but got the stroller frame from a friend of my sisters for half price) and all that crap you don't want to have to buy.

I live in a city and was willing to pay more for a stroller because we use it like a car. That said, I knew the brand I wanted and got it on eBay. Take strollers from people, even if just for a few months, and then you will know what you want/need in a stroller and can spend your money wisely.

Its' hard for us first timers to know what we want.

Oh - and don't buy too many bottles of one kind. I bought a few BPA free born free's and a few playtex drop ins. Apparently, what works varies from child to child, so have a few on hand, see what works and then stock up.

Blah blah. I love bargains, and eco friendly stuff. I also like stuff that looks good and functions well and do not believe we need to go broke for it. Een if wealthy, I'd rather have SOME money for vacations and camping trips, and COLLEGE and things like that. I plan to take the boys to MUSEUMS and PARKS, not just have a play room filled with toys. I want them to experience the world and people around them more than things. Even if they are 'learning toys" you know?

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Postby woodcliff » Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:44 am

Well, I learned my twins needed it all :lol: ... there are so many tools to make your life easier, particularly with twins!

That said, just be sure to have the basics. Starting with love and security...the cribs/sheets/diapers/formula, etc.

Sounds like you've got a good head on your shoulder. One thing I so hope to avoid is Disney. My niece and Nephew are Disney fanatics and I just hate it...they are walking advertisements.

That said, I just looked at a website for Vegas ... Tacky Vegas! And I actually thought 'hey, that looks REALLY family friendly.'

Me, a cultural snob. I of course would never go to Vegas (gimme London or Paris or Rome!) but now that I have kids? Anything to make my life easier. Might include Vegas :)
Well, anything but Disney :D
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Postby esperanza » Mon Feb 16, 2009 5:39 pm

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