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Timetable for scans and tests????

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Timetable for scans and tests????

Postby Kas101 » Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:49 pm

Ladies, i was hoping you could help me understand what tests and scans i am likely to be having and when..... I know it will vary with each OB but a guide would be great.

I was released from my RE a few weeks ago and have my 1st appt with the OB on Wednesday. They called to tell me i would be having the 'extensive ultrasound scan' I asked about any other tests (like blood, urine) they said not yet. I asked of the extensive scan meant the nuchal testing they said no, that will be next time. I always thought the NT was at 12 weeks (I will be by wed).....

My main reason for asking is that although our insurance is great for the birth and any NICU time is SUCKS for the prenatal testing and we have to pay a hefty % of the costs, so i am wondering what tests and scans you had and what was the timeframe of these???

Thanks in advance X
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Postby jennywit » Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:10 pm

Kas, if I remember correctly-my NT scan was at 11 weeks which allowed me to have the CVS at 12 weeks-Just as a word of advice, a LOT of false postives with the NT which is only a screening-the measurement for me was fine, but combined with the bloodwork, I was suddenly High Risk. In the end , the CVS confirmed that my little boy who I am now 32 wks preggo with, is perfectly fine!!!! So just my opinion, if money is an issue, don't waste it on a "screening test" but on a more definative test that can tell you something for sure. Good Luck Jennifer
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Postby esperanza » Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:46 am

Some of the tests are optional too. What I did is to educate myself as much as possible and made a decision on what I really wanted. There are books you can read, and tons of info on-line (if you don't want to buy the books, just get them out of the library OR go to a barns and noble and read them there...I do that sometimes ;) ). It's all up to you and your personal situation. My dh and I didn't want anything invasive so we just opted for the blood tests, no CVS and no amnio (again, that's a very personal choice).

Besides the screening tests in the very beginning NT, CVS, and amnio --this one around the 20th week, I think! (all of those for downs and chromosomal abnormalities), they might also ask you later on to check on your iron levels, cholesterol, etc. Around your 20th week they will do another extensive ultrasound to check on the anatomy of your babies.

Around your 28th week they will ask you to do the glucose challenge test (it's too make sure you haven't developed gestational diabetes). I have some issues with my thyroid so my midwife asks me to check those levels about once a month.

Every time I go in for an appointment they run a urine test to look for infections, protein in the urine, and something else I can't remember, but they do those right on the spot at the office.

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