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Please read, my DH and I are considering suing my OB

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Please read, my DH and I are considering suing my OB

Postby angelaezra » Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:57 am

I have a question for everyone:

I recently lost my daughter at 20 weeks (stillbirth). I went to my follow-up appoinment today and they believe that I suffered from a Placenta Aburption. Ok, so this is my problem and question. The week before they realized she had no heart beat, I went in the office for my 19 week follow-up and I told the OB that I had severe pain the night before and I mean pain to the point that I couldn't move or walk and they had a really hard time finding her heartbeat. My husband had to help me to the bed and when I told my OB he brushed me off and said that it was normal uterine growth. But, I told him that it wasn't because I couldn't even walk, which was so abnormal from my normal strecthing symptoms. But, he chose to ignore me and send me on my merry way. Also, my sister had severe complications because he blew my sister off and he son has suffered the consequences. Ok so when I brought this up to his parnter she got PIS*** and said I am not responsible for your babies death nor is my partner. I couldn't believe my ears. My baby is dead and YOU ARE PIS***!!!!! Then I said I am not going in this pregnancy blindly I have had 1 miscarriage, 1 ectopic pregnancy, and now vanishing twins ending with a stillbirth and to top it off I am a Registered Nurse so I know the complications and the risks but he should have known my history and my symptoms and have done a ultrasound and then put me on bedrest. She said, well there is nothing that could have been done since she was not viable at 20 weeks. But, I know plenty of women who the same situtation ocurred and bedrest did the trick in 90% of the time but my daughter was still worth the effort.

Please tell me your thoughts. My husband and I are considering legal action!! If I can prevent this from happening to other women, it is worth it. I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy!!!!!
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Postby kholtan » Tue Mar 03, 2009 5:14 am

I am sooooo very sorry for your loss! There just aren't words to make you feel any better and no one can tell you what to do in situations like this. I have also had a placenta abruption with one of my twins. AFter going into early labor at 32 weeks and a two week hospital stay on bedrest I was rushed into an emercency c-section due to my son's placenta abruption. You probably know more than I do about them but my understanding was that I had no choice but to deliver asap or the babies oxygen supply would be of question. I was literally delivering in 5 minutes from the moment of discovery.
Having just said all that, I know you are hurt and agonizing over the loss of your sweet girl but would there really have been anything they could have done to save her? My OB doesn't try to do anything to save a baby before 20 weeks but I'm sure everyeone is different.
Personally, I would do the research and have a real soul search with your dh and decide for yourselves what is best for you. It won't bring her back and I wish it would. Again, I hope you find peace with this and you are in my thoughts and prayers.
I am so deeply sorry!

My placenta abruption was accompanied by bleeding and a shooting/stabbing pain that did not subside at all. Going for even a few days with that pain would have been impossible unless drugged to the hilt. I don't know if any of that helps but I thought I would add that.
Again, I wish you all the best.
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Postby Marina_A » Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:46 am

Angela,I'm very sorry for your loss :cry: .I've lost a baby myself a year ago at 16 weeks,but we never found out the reason.he just didn't have a h/b when I came for my 16 week appt.I was trying to find the truth myself and see if there is anything they could of done to prevent this.When I was transfered to my regular OB from fertility clinic,they did not take ANY tests from me,even though I asked them on a second visit at 12 weeks to check my progesterone level since I was off PIO,and my urine and blood, and whatever else they check for(they didn't even take my blood for STDs!-not that I have them,but aren't they supposed to check?!)but they told me-at 20 weeks.Well,anyway,I didn't make it to 20 weeks :( When I was talking to the doctor in the hospital that delivered my dead baby and told him about that,he checked my file and said that all tests were done :shock: and everything is negative! We couldn't prove anything,they had "dates" and"results"that I had them done on my first visit! I felt so down and hopeless at that point of my life and wanted to forget the whole thing,that we didn't do anything about it.
In your case,I don't know if you have a strong case,that proves that your pain and placenta abruption was the reason for you precious baby's death.
But you always can try,at least talk to the medical lawyer and see if they think your case worth trying.
Again,very sorry for your loss and God bless you!
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