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Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.

Postby Faith9455 » Wed Sep 30, 2009 11:05 pm

Hi all,

I am 7wks4d pregant with triplets. I have my first OB appt today and my 2nd U/S. The heart rates were good, in the 140 range. I have a set of twins and one fraternal. They did detect a thin membrane seperating the twins, but Dr thinks they are likely sharing a placenta. So, I'm excited everything looked good, still very freaked out and just hoping to carry these babies as long as possible!!

It's Triplets!

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Re: Triplets!!!

Postby Ronnie » Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:27 pm

To all you triplets momies:

I had a VERY complicated triplet pregnancy. I had two identical twins sharing placenta and a fraternal. I had blood spotting since day 1 till week 22, fungus infection which had me in the hospital for 2 weeks (the same fungus that had made me had a miscarriage of twins 10 months before), ovarican torcion that made me had an emergency operation on week 12 (luckily, my ovary was saved and the girls had no problem during the procedure), several runs to the ER because I had some heavy bleedings, short cervix and had to be stiched at week 20 on a december 25th, I had gestational diabetes, and I had complete bedrest for 7 months, plus, at week 20 my fraternal twins had a significant weight difference (20%) which was complicated since they were sharing placenta...it seemed unlike at the time but we made it till week 33 and I had my beautifull little girls who are now the joy of my life. All I can say is LOTS OF PATIENCE, a good doctor (this is VERY important) who is specialist is multiple pregnancy, and eat LOTS AND LOTS of protein. It is very important to have a good diet since the demands of your body are very strong. As my doctor says, my case should be written in a notebook: it was one of the most complicated pregnancies my clinic saw in a long time (and of TRIPLETS..) We did not had a good time, but we made it. Lots of prayers, lot of support from our families and lot of optimism...as long as your babies are fine, you have to be happy for them and it is all that matters. The babies are the reason you are doing this, so if they are moving you have a reason to be happy.

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