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Fetal Doppler - How early will they detect heartbeat?

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Fetal Doppler - How early will they detect heartbeat?

Postby baylorbear33 » Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:44 pm

Hello all, I will be 11 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I just received the doppler I rented today. It has a 3 MHz probe, and I'm wondering when I will be able to hear the heartbeat. Due to my overall craziness given the IVF roller-coaster and my history, I of course went downstairs to the most obscure bathroom in the building to try and listen at lunch; however, I could not find the heartbeat. Now I am freaking out, even though I just saw the doctor on Friday of last week, and saw the heartbeat then via u/s. I am trying to tell myself that it just might be too early, user error, I'm too fat, etc. I know that height and weight does play a role, I am 6'0", 194... Does anyone have any thoughts, experience, etc.?
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Postby brenda3 » Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:22 am

I purchased a 3 mhz doppler and was able to hear the heart beat at 11 weeks 6 days and from then on out. I think it has alot to due with any belly fat you may have. I didn't lose all the weight from my DD and still had weight in my middle that is why I think it took so long to hear.

Best of luck and Congrats on your pregnancy.
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