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Ovary pain

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Ovary pain

Postby Angela37firsttimeivf » Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:55 am

I'm in my sixth week of pregnancy and had my first scan yesterday, which showed a sac. I'm a little worried about ovary pain on both sides, but mainly the right side. It's like a slight twinge now and again that seems to be getting stronger, particularly in the morning if I stretch or sneeze, it's been really painful. As we had 3 transferred, I was wondering if there is any danger of an embryo having got stuck in the tube aswell. As I've already been through two ectopics I'm just really wary. The doc said there was a very low chance of this happening and that everything looked normal, and the way it should be. I did have a cyst before ER so I'm thinking it could just be it's still there? Any thoughts?
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Postby charr » Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:24 pm

I had those same kinds of pains early on. It was a really sharp shooting pain if I sneezed. Usually stopped me in my tracks it hurt so much. I was told it could be ovary pain or perhaps round ligament pain. As I got a little further along, I also had one really bad episode that lasted several hours where the pain was so bad I couldn't stand up straight and could hardly walk. That the nurse said was definitely round ligament pain. Eventually it passed and now I just get twinges of it every now and then. I am now almost 30 weeks.
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