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I want to compile a book

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I want to compile a book

Postby CT_Michele » Sat Oct 17, 2009 5:04 pm

So for all the years I have been part of this lovely message board, I have always wanted to compile a Chicken Soup type book, full of stories like the ones we read here everyday.

Regardless of whether a story I read on this board is sad, happy, miraculous or hopeful, it always makes me feel better to read about people who face the same struggles I do. I find an enormous amount of inspirational and strength from all of the people I have met here.

I know this project will take me a very long time. I don't even know how to do it yet, I don't know what kind of releases are involved or how to publish a book, but that is stuff I will figure out with time. Right now, I want to try and start collecting stories from people who are willing to participate, at the very least, I will immensely enjoy reading submissions considering the devastating roller coaster I have been through the past weeks. I would like to take some of the proceeds from this book if I ever get it published and start a scholarship for couples who could otherwise not afford treatment to try and make their dream come true. This book will also be dedicated to all of you I have met here.

The stories can be anonymous too. Or you can include your name, or just a first name, or just where you live, anything you would like. If you would like to include your name in any way (even your first name and last initial), maybe you could just write a sentence after your essay that says you give me permission to edit and use in the compilation if I make it to publishing. Keep in mind, I do not want to change anything about stories, but may need to edit for space.

So if you are willing to share a short story, it can be anything, it can be a success, a failure, a funny story about doing injections, a rude person who made an insensitive comment, a long struggle, a first time cycle, adoption or donor, hpt's, a funny or scary pregnancy or delivery story...ANYTHING, because we all know that it is inspiring to read all of these stories, please email me, or PM me. My email is (I am going to write it weird so I don't get spammed, can you believe spammers have programs that search for emails on message boards? So just make sure you fix my spacing if you email me) Clearlite9 @ aol.com
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