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web site reassurance

Postby Wendy » Tue Oct 01, 2002 11:57 am

Dear all, thank you for your messages of support. After hours of searching the web I found what I was looking for with regards to the high risk result we received. For ages the only reasons I could find for a false positive result was 'incorrect dates', 'diabetis' and other reasons that did not relate to me. Now I found a wonderful site that relates false positive results with IVF !!!!!! According to a number of studies, women pregnant due to ivf treatment have a much higher level of false positive results (of the triple blood test for afp etc)than normal pregnancies generally leading to low afp, and estradol levels but high hcg levels - which is exactly what i got. They arn't sure exactly why but think its something to do with all the drugs we take during treatment. Also, high hcg levels can result from a second or more gestational sacs which do not develop and are reasorbed, but the initially higher hcg levels associated with a multiple pregnancy, last a long time into the pregnancy, despite the loss of the 2nd/3rd baby - I had a second gestational sac initially, which failed to progress - so thats another reason I might have a false positive result. I know that I am still going to have the amnio as my risk is far greater than the risk of miscarriage and I just couldn't go through the whole pregnancy without knowing. I also know nothings ever 100 % certain - even amnio results, but we just need some reassurance now, one way or the other. But at least now I've found some 'reasons' WHY my result might be different to the norm. Hope no one else has to go through this worry. Love to all. Wendy xxx
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