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News on JD

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.

News on JD

Postby Loonpants » Mon Oct 28, 2002 4:55 pm

For anyone that remembers JD I just want to let you know that she and baby are fine and that she is sorry that she hasn't logged on for a while. She is having trouble getting on new site.<br><br>She has five weeks to go until birth, about 25th November and she is big with swollen ankles, so she tells me.<br><br>She would like to be remembered to the 'oldies' of the site and hopes to chat soon.<br><br>Lisa (Loonpants)<br>
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News on JD

Postby Dee » Tue Oct 29, 2002 9:59 am

Thanks Lisa.<br><br>Thought that she'd had the baby when I read the title!<br><br>JD - do you know that you need to re-register?<br><br>Glad all is well. Hope you are settling in back in the UK.<br><br>Love<br>Dee x.
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