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Hello and congratulations

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.

Hello and congratulations

Postby Wendy » Wed Nov 20, 2002 6:49 pm

Hiya all, have been away on hols and am thrilled to see some new names on this side, its wonderful. Its such an exciting but also terrifying time for all the new ones. I am sure all your worries and queries will be answered by one of us who have been through the same experiences. Sarah30 - glad to hear the bleeding has stopped and you've had some reassuring responses from others who have had the same but are still ok. <br>We have just celebrated 24wks - our little bump (called Benjamin) is now a legal human being so we marked the occasion by buying our first baby clothes (we havn't dared before)- it brought a tear to our eyes, we really do believe this is actually going to happen now and I am actually enjoying huffing and puffing with all this extra weight !! Still a while to go, but am loving every minute.<br>love to all - prawns, bumps, babies, ladies and partners xxxxxxxxxxxx<br>Wendy and Chris
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Hello and congratulations

Postby NickyJ » Thu Nov 21, 2002 6:29 am

Hi Wendy & Chris,<br><br>Welcome back from hols, hope you enjoyed the rest...it will be the last one for a while!!! You were like me with the 24 week thing, and after being in neo-natal and seeing 25 week old premies in their little incubators it trully is a miracle to think that that is growing inside you. The baby clothes thing just gets worse....we wnet mad in John Lewis one day and the poor mites seemed to have more clothes than me by the the three month stage (and that is saying something!!) but now we are beginning to settle down, although the little christmas outfits with reindeer horns and fluffy booties still sends me all hormonal...<br><br>Keep us updated on the progress of Benjamin the bump, and you enjoy this blooming time.<br><br>Big Hugs<br>Nicky, Rebecca and Ross
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Hello and congratulations

Postby Sarah30 » Thu Nov 21, 2002 9:10 am

Hello Wendy and Chris<br><br>Everything has settled down with me now and am back at work, so fingers crossed, I will at 24 weeks in no time! (yeah right, will drag like mad, I know it!)<br><br>I'm 6 weeks tomorrow and am struggling like mad to keep out of baby shops so how you made it to 24 weeks without caving in I don't know.<br><br>Very very best of luck for plain sailing the remainder of the time and thanks for you kind comments.<br><br>love Sarah x
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