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NHS Scans?

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NHS Scans?

Postby Sarah30 » Mon Dec 16, 2002 1:40 pm

Hello<br><br>Can anyone help?<br><br>I've just had my NHS scan date through and they booked it for the 24th February by which time I'll be 19 weeks and 3 days - is this normal for a first scan date? <br><br>I was under the impression that you get a free scan at 12ish weeks and then another one at between 16 and 20 weeks or something like that anyway.<br><br>When did everyone else get their scans?<br><br>I've had my scan with the clinic at 8 weeks and have another one on 3rd Jan when I'll be 12 weeks (which I've had to pay £100 for) so am not too worried, just feel a bit cheated not getting the NHS ones?<br><br>Am I complaining for no good reason?<br><br>Sarah :o)
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