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should i worry?????????

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should i worry?????????

Postby sammy » Tue Dec 31, 2002 4:16 pm

Hi everyone,<br>This is the first time i have used this side.<br>I really could do with some advice,i am nearly seven weeks,i have my first scan on thursday.<br>The thing is i feel sick badly everday,my boobies are heavy and sore,a few twinges inthe belly area,BUT i seem to have bad lower backache everyday,mainly when i am at work all day.<br>Once i am home and my feet are up it goes.<br>Should i worry about this??????<br>Sorry to be go into great detail but i am also getting the tineist amount of light brown jelly discharge.<br>Any advice would be great.<br>I am trying to be posotive,but my last pregnancy stopped at 8weeks,although this time i really do feel as i would assume a pregnant woman does feel at this stage(lousy).<br>thanks<br>sammyxxxxxxx
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should i worry?????????

Postby Louise » Wed Jan 01, 2003 1:09 pm

Hi Sammy<br>Hope you had a good Christmas and new year and good luck for your scan on Thursday. It sounds like you have really good signs with the sickness and twinges. Your body is stretching and adjusting to your little one/s inside. I have stretching and pulling like mad and shooting pains which I believe means babys could be on a nerve. Re your backache, I had this and found that it was the way I was lying on the sofa. Got a new chair and backache has gone. It sounds as though yours may be down to your work. I seem to remember your a chef? That must involve a lot of standing so if so, your work may have to give you lots of rest breaks. I know by law you are entitled to a health and safety workplace risk assessment to make sure you and the baby/s are safe, but you have to have told work that you are pregnant. If you sit down all day, work have to provide a special chair. I'm sorry I can't help with discharge, but I would ring your clinic if you have any worries and concerns.<br>Take care and good luck on Thursday.<br>Lots of love<br>Louise XX
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