Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by gi » Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:35 pm

Hi girls

Steph yeah i know my pics are tiny but you know me computer illiterate!! Thanks yeah the scenery is lovely thats just right down from our housen i suppose we just take the greenery for granted here. Thats great ye are finally getting paid for the work.

Ronda good to hear from you. Its good to hear you have finally made a decision and your life isnt on hold, enjoy your little girls xxx

Angela your pics are gorgous, she looks so tiny in your dh hand.

PA hopefully the rest of your furniture will come soon, i use the table changer and rocker the whole time.

AFM Kayla still sick and snuffly and doesnt like lying on her back as she finds it hard to breathe so has spent the last few days in our arms (except for night) and my is it exhausting, j is back to work after xmas hols so tough love will have to start as there is no way i can hold her all day!! Think i may have an interview on the national radio tomorrow they will ring in the morning to confirm hopefully this is the last of me talking about our ivf as i am not really good at it and a naturally shy person.

gi xx
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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by natasha10 » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:03 pm

steph- Is it normal to have that much bleeding. that sounds just awful. two weeks. wow. well thats good news that your finding a formula that works best. Yes i am so ready =) I have yet to pack my bag for the hospital but i have in mind everything i need to put in it. I just need to get it all together now. I feel like i have been pregnant for a long time. now i woke up and my small toe is so sore i dont want to walk on it. i dont know what i did.

Rhonda- aww thats a big decision you have made. im sure its saddening to stop .. it comes to the question how much more can you take? I dont think i can do another cycle for a long time. it took me two cycles to come this far for my BFP and alot of money. it will be awhile before we can come up with $10000 for a fresh cycle plus more for the meds. then $3000 for a FET if needed plus meds. i now understand why people just dont have children. i agree we all should stay together after everyone has their babies. The ladies so far have been coming back even though they have been busy and tired. im getting close a few weeks away and i cant wait. she's ready too i can feel her kicking and poking at me like crazy like she wants out.

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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by katie99 » Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:47 pm

Franca - I didnt have the FFN test so I'm sorry I cant help out with that. How are you feeling? You're getting so close now, are you getting excited yet?

Natasha - Ugh, the last few weeks can feel like forever, but you'll soon have little Nataliah in your arms and it will all be worth it. How are you feeling other than the uncomfyness? You must be getting super excited to have gotten so close to the fun part, is your nursery all done & waiting?

Gi - Ack! i'm so sorry honey, I was talking to Hazel about the big boy babies and I forgot about our Princess Kayla! I dont know where my brain is sometimes. I remembered at midnight when I was doing the nightly bottle washing and then it was too late and I was too tired to repost. How is Miss Kayla doing? Is she still stuffy & sniffly? i hope that she's feeling better now and shakes her first cold off quick! Maybe look into getting a baby carrier (sling) this way you can still move all over the house and try to get your housecleaning done, its been a lifesaver for me so far since I can only get Ryan to hang out in his crib during the day for maybe an hr if I'm lucky. Oh honey i'm sure your interview will go just grand, I'm kind of shy too, but its so inspiring for other girls who are still trying to hear that sometimes theres a "lucky number 7" Thank God for that for the both of us! - xoxo

PA - Hee Hee, your DH will have to get the whole concept of the cute little girl with accessories soon enough! :lol: I cant think of anything to ask your hospital about, mine sent a huge folder of info, so they pretty much answered all my questions before I could even think of them. I gotta say that I'm another one that just HAD to have the glider yet I can count on one hand how many times I've actually used it :oops: How are you feeling lately? How's your mom doing?

Angela - Aw, she's a cutie! And she has hair too! Oooh, that means headbands and hairclips soon! How are you feeling/ healing honey? Do you feel more like yourself now? it took awhile to feel up to speed after the c section, I mean its not like anyone actually "rests" with a newborn and all they excitement they bring with them. Are you getting any more sleep at night? I hope so, it was so hard to function those first few weeks on hardly any sleep, I was like a zombie, the first time he slept through the night, I woke up and ran into the nursery all anxiuos that something was wrong, but nope he just was sleeping peacefully - then I prayed it would keep happening - lol. Hang on Angela, she's gainging weight as we speak and soon you'll be able to function normally - much love - xoxo

Steph - Aw poor Lina! I feel bad for her :( Its great that the similac sensitive is helping a bit, but wheres that GI SPC? Ack, I hope they call you soon! It must be pretty upsetting to have one thats just going with the flow and one thats hurting all the time, poor girl. At least she's getting some relief from the zantac, but this has gone on for long enough to justify a specialist, no? So on top of all the spitting up now she's dealt with constipation also? grrr! OK, so is the one scoop of cereal enough to help with the reflux without making her bottom hurt? I read that rice cereal should be the first one that they try since its very mild on the system, but then you can move to oatmeal or barley since they have fiber and rice doesnt. Will they let you do that? So Ethan is in the bumbo chair and loving it huh? I read your post last night and had never heard of the bumbo, so i looked it up and ordered it right then.I canr believe that this is the first time I'd heard of this thing. Ooh girl, this I cant wait to try! Ryan is trying to sit forward when you prop him on the boppy pillow and when you put him im the swing now, he keeps trying to lean forward so its now seat belt time always, even if I just put him down to go make a quick bottle. He's really turning into a squirmy monkey, I'm afraid sometimes that he will just jump out of my arms. And when you change him?? Whew! its like trying to dress a fired up octopus! He's got arms & legs going all at once and I can see how they could jump off of a changing table easily. I dont take my eyes off him for a second. He's finally enjoying the mobile and cooing away and 'talking" to the animals spinning on it. This buys me an up to an hour to myself in the afternoons now :wink:
OK so at least the jeep woman is close to being paid up now, I'm just sorry that it took so long and stressed you at Christmastime. Yeah after that happening its better to have Andrew protect himself each time before he touches their vehicles and get it in writing from now on. That was a good idea that you had, its a good thing he has you to keep him all together and squared away! UGH, no, not another never ending period, it must have to do with your tearing the way you did. If this happens again, after this period promise me you'll go and get another opinion on it, ok? Hmmm, speaking of AFs, wheres mine at? I had one day of such light spotting that I didnt even consider it a period, so where is it I wonder? Not that I'm looking forward to it, I've so enjoyed not having to deal with that for almost a year actually, but yeah, i guess its time to deal with AF again. Has your friend come back from Houston? Did she decide to move in with you all? Hee heee, I can hear Chris in the ohter oom reading to Ryan in funny voices, so far he's been throguh Goodnight Moon, The Foot Book, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar - I wish you could hear these voices he uses, I cant concentrate anymore because now I'm giggling too. Much love honey - xoxoxo

Ronda - I;m glad to hear that you've both decided the same thing, cycling is hard no way around that, especially when you really need it to work the first time.. It really is awful that we have to figure out how to be out of pocket for ivf treatments its so hard. I love when you stop by but understand why you cant sometimes too. I really hope that this thread doesnt just die out like most do, I'd miss everyone sooo much. Please take time to just squeeze your girls and there you will find peace with your decision I'll bet. Much love to you my friend - xoxo

AFM - Its been really the same old, same old around here - diapers, and bottles and burps all day, lol. Ryan is an endless source of entertainment ( Steph you're right, he is a character!) but we're moving along. He is still not aware of his arms and spends alot of time bopping himself in the face and trying to figure out what is that thing on the side of my head (wait i'll keep pulling it, hey that hurts!) I know I shouldnt laugh, but if you watched this routine, you'd be laughing too, trust me. And boy is he the wiggle worm lately! jeez, he is all over the place trying to bathe a wet slippery baby who thinks that wiggling is an Olympic event - is just comical :lol: Tonight I'm going to try just a regular sleep sack with no swaddle, he's been getting upset when I swaddle him at night and keeps grunting and twisting in it, so I guess its time - any bets on how little sleep I get tonight?? As soon as his hands are loose he'll suck his thumb for a minute and then wonder what just bopped him in the eye - sigh. much love to you all - xoxo
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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by Stephanieford78 » Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:22 am

Ronda - As always, I am glad to see you checking in and letting us know how you are. I am glad that you and DH came to a solid conclusion to the do we or don't we question. I am sure it is sad that there won't be at least one more try, but you do have two little ones right there loving on you for the rest of your life. Hold on to those little girls and know that miracles really do happen. I bet your emotions are still going all over the place. Sad yet relieved to no longer have that question lingering over you. We have 5 embies still frozen and had to make the decision on what to do with them. Donation was our choice spite a few people saying things like... but those are your babies, how can you give them up... or ... how can you let someone else have your babies. Of course if the decision was to dispose of them I would here... but that's murder and things along those lines. We do at least want to give them a chance to live, we did work really hard to get them after all. I am confident that whomever gets them will be great parents and get a great gift, something they couldn't have if not for me. That is a good feeling. My point being, in tough decisions that can sadden you, there is always a light there that lets you know it's ok and this is how it's meant to be. :)

Natasha - No, my bleeding isn't normal. It's from a boo boo on my uterus, or so my OB said. I haven't gone back to him since the 6 weeks check up about it only because he told me that it would take my body a few months to heal from it. So I expected this to happen again. After having a baby, you will bleed for a few weeks, but after you stop and get your period again, it should be fairly normal. So don't worry. The only reason I have this issues is because some of my uterus ripped with the placenta when they were taking it out. The doctor sewed it up with my uterine stitches though and said it will be fine. :) Just one more week and you will be considered full term! Do you have a birth plan? Drugs? No drugs? All natural, no iv's? Or just whatever happens happens?

Katie - Funny enough, Lina's right ear is starting to stick out too. I pointed it out to Andrew because he doesn't fix their ears when he is holding them. I am so anal about that. lol He was feeding Lina and had her up to burp and her ear was bent over sticking to the side of her face. :lol: I was like OMG, fix it! lol I told him again... Look her ear is sticking out and farther than the other one! So guess what he does... Yup... he bends her left ear and says, this way they will match. What a dork! Never heard of a bumbo?? Well, I haven't either until this pregnancy. lol Not sure if it was even a thing 11 years ago. Once they can hold their head up well, you can start trying to put them in it. It is a nigty little thing to help them sit up and I must say, a great invention if you have more than one baby!! Ethan is trying to sit up in the boppy too both of them don't like laying down in the swing as much as they like sitting up in it so yeah, we adjusted it and it's seat belt time for us too. I was sure that the swaddle thing was coming soon. Ryan is doing the same thing that Ethan did. That's when I knew it was time. Though it was a blessing because they both slept better without the swaddle. Now I just tuck their blankets into their sleep positioner so they don't get kicked off. Sure enough Ethan finds a way though. lol He even manages to either sink or rise up from where he was placed in the sleep positioner. How does he do that? He is sitting right next to me as I type getting so mad at me when I don't talk to him. He starts whining and complaining then when I look over and start talking to him, he turns all smiles. It's like he is yelling at me to give him attention. He talks a lot, baby babble of course. Funny how he and Lina are so different when it comes to stages. I wonder if that is because she is smaller, not as strong or if it's because of her belly issues or if it's just her? Boy does Ethan love his fists, they are always in his mouth now. Lina loves hers too but only when she is able to find it. She hasn't mastered the whole hand movement thing. Don't get me wrong, Ethan hasn't mastered it either, he still bops himself in the head or eye which is funny. He doesn't hurt himself so I am allowed to laugh, right? lol I almost got a picture of him looking at his foot yesterday. It's the look like... hmmm... how do I get that in my mouth? He had his hand close to it making the grabbing motion, but he couldn't get the reaching out to grab it motion. He was concentrating so hard. The look on his face was priceless. lol Of course when I got the camera out to take a pic or even video it, he was looking at me and the concentration was broke and on to the next thing. So I just took a picture of him in his bumbo instead. lol Well, I better get. Good luck on the no swaddle thing. I hope it works out!
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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by babyluv3 » Tue Jan 04, 2011 1:48 am

Hi ladies!!! I tried to catch up today but didn't have much luck. I've been gone too long, so I'm sorry for the lack of personals. I hope you ladies still pregnant are doing well. You're getting soooo close!

We're doing well over here. The girls had their two month appt today and they are still my tiny little peanuts. Amelia was 8.14lbs and 21in, Juliette was 8.8lbs and 21.25in. So they are in the 10th (and 5th) for weight and 10th for height. Sounds about right. Scarlett is a little girl too, so they can all match :D They are taking 3-4oz per feeding and are sleeping a little more at night, but mostly still up every 3-4 hours. This past week they've had a few 5-6 hour nights, so I'm hoping that becomes the trend! They had their shots today and they cried but got over it fast. Then around 6pm they woke up within 10 min of each other SCREAMING. Couldn't calm them down for over an hour, but Tylenol finally did the trick. I'll be interested to see how tonight goes. Amelia didn't get a fever but Juliette was a little warm.

So Juliette's u/s on her hips was a little off and she needs to see a specialist just to make sure she doesn't need any intervention. Amelia has developed a HUGE hemangioma in her had and an u/s for that. It's fine, just a massive red bump on her head that will grow for another couple of months and should be gone by the time she's three. Thankfully she's the baby with the most hair and I can always put a hat or bow on. If not, it's just sticking out.Oh well, it should be gone by the time she's old enough to care.

I stopped nursing at 7 weeks because I just wasn't making enough milk anymore for both girls. Now that I'm not doing it, I miss it. Didn't think I would, but it was so much easier to nurse them than to bottle feed. Ah well, glad I was able to do it at all. As I was weaning them, they developed reflux. Tried a few things (including cereal in the bottle which didn't last long), but in the end it's the Similac Sensitive and Zantac that has worked for us (sounds like it's the same for you Steph). Juliette really doesn't spit up at all anymore, Amelia still some but it's greatly reduced. Also, Amelia's baby acne and eczema cleared up a day after switching formula.

I bought a great toy that has a mirror on it and make noise when it's bumped even a little, and the girls (especially Juliette) LOVE it! They kick or hit, and get excited when it lights up and makes noise. I think they are surprised every time :D Oh, and Amelia's eyes changed from brown to that blue/gray color. They are so pretty with her dark hair. I hope they stay that way, though I'm sure they'll turn back to brown. If not, she'll be the one blue eyed member of our family. Amelia is totally the Italian side of my family, and Juliette is Darren's side. It's amazing how much they've changed in just two short months.

The big kids are doing great and we've all adjusted really well. Mom and Dad are now here permanently (6 miles away) which is so nice. I just started my second pack of bcp and I expect to get a period in a few weeks now that I'm not nursing anymore. I'll be interested to see how it is. Sex the first couple of times was SOOOO painful! A few couple of months off and apparently I had closed up shop! It took 3 or 4 times to finally enjoy it without cringing. Seriously, was not expecting it to be that bad, but it looks like we are back on track finally.
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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by PA_FA » Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:51 pm

Just a quick update from my phone. I will try to do personals later. Had OB appt today. She said everything looks great and baby girl is measuring in the 74% OMG!!!! Hope to get some idea of her weight at peri apt Jan 19. We do our check in at the hospital tomorrow. Ordered her dresser today. Which is also her changing table. Bought her bookcase and curtains. Feeling much less stress. Love you all!
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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by Franca » Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:49 pm

Hey all

I'm ok im on antibiotics so its helped heaps. I wish i could feel excited but i cant do anything. Surely at 33 weeks 4 days i shouldnt be feeling i cant do anything? Having a shower these days is a mission. Baby doesnt stop moving which hardens my tummy then i cant walk preoperly. I feel like my tummy is constantly strangled. Only time im ok is when im lyin down. I feel like a failure to my DH. I moan all the time. I don't know if this could be the case but iv always had a tiny frame flat belly all my life. Could it be because of this im finding it difficult? iv never been so big :(. How am i going to cope in weeks to come? This is so depressing...
Love all

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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by angelaezra » Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:24 am

Sorry to be MIA lately but I have been entertaining … my mother-in-law is here and staying with us from Maryland. But, I feel so bad because my schedule is sooo crazy because of my hectic sleep schedule. I sleep until 12pm and sometime 2pm because she stays up so long between feeding some nights. But the good news is that she is sleeping for longer intervals now. We put her down for good around 11pm and she sleeps until 3am or 3:30am, which is really good for her. Then some nights she goes back to sleep for two hours and then for an hour with waking up in between to be fed and changed. And, the best news is that she has stopped all of the screaming on the top of her lungs. Everyone is right because as she grows and gains weight, she is becoming used to our routine. She is four weeks today!

Thank you ladies for all of the compliments regarding her pictures!

Ronda – I can definitely respect your decision but I know it was a very hard one. I want to thank you so much for sharing your story because I might experience the very same thing in a few years. I want to wish you luck also but I hope that you stay with us and share our experiences in the near future.

Franca – Please don’t feel like a failure … what you are experiencing is very normal. I felt the same way that you feel right now toward the end of my pregnancy because I was put on modified bed rest, so not only did work suffer but running my household became a big challenge. It will get better, I promise. I am sure your DH understands and will be very supportive. Just think of it this way, your pregnancy is almost over and your journey to motherhood will begin!

Katie, Gi, & Stephanie – our routine is getting better ... thanks for asking. And, thank you so mcuh for the advice!

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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by Arabsrcool » Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:00 pm

Thanks girls for all your kind words. Its weird, but I do feel relieved that we have made a decision. I don't have a "waiting for whats next feeling" anymore. Its allowed to me to be more in the moment with my girls. I have been taking better care of me, I work out 3 times a week now, and am hoping my dh gets me a convertible for my birthday (pipe dream I know, but gotta have dreams right??? especially when I drive a mini-van)


I think embie donation is one of the greatest gifts you can give to another couple. I know they will be over the moon to recepients of your embies. Bless you girl!

I do plan to stick around for awhile to share in all the baby stories and I have also gotten interested in several of the girls still cycling (Winter Cycle Board) and am silently cheering them on. So I will still be checking back in here. Its still hard, but not as raw as it was and I still feel connected to you girls!

Yeah all the effort, emotional, physical, financial, was just going to be too much to do again. I have been on this journey, forever, at least it seems like it, and I did have two happy endings. Guess a third child was not meant to be for me, even though I still feel I was meant to have 3 kids...... maybe just because I really thought my last pregnancy was going to result in live who knows.


Yeah, this IVF journey is so hard in so many ways. I feel really bad for the couples who don't have coverage and there is no way financially they can do IVF (as a society, it just seems like its like "oh, so sorry for your luck, no baby for you".). Then there are the ones who should have never been parents and they just pop out babies like there is no tommorow. I had a prime example in my office yesterday. She is 21, has one child already, whom she doesn't have custody of. She hooked up with a loser guy, who already has 3 kids he does not support. Guess what, she is pregnant, about 3 months along. Oh and did she mention that she had a miscarriage in August (so obvioulsy you know you could get pregnant with this guy). and to top it off, they are homeless because neither one of them will get a job, so they just float house to house of friends/family (none of which will let them stay long because they have stolen things in prior stays). Sounds nice, huh? Ok, off my soapbox now! You are getting so so close. I will continue to check back in, waiting for your news!

Much love my cycle sisters, I am so happy your dreams have come (or are coming) true.

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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by rayofsunshine » Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:22 pm

Hi ladies! I've missed you all so much! It's funny because I talked about all of you during the holidays (ex: "I wonder if Katie caught Ryan's smile yet on camera? Has Gabriella given Angela a little sleep for Christmas?") and my mom kept asking who you all were/how I know you. I told her that it was my mommies group-the ones who really understand my life. So...I have to be a little cheesy and just say THANK YOU! You are all the best and though this IVF journey wasn't ever easy, it was so worth it to have my miracles and the added bonus of MANY WONDERFUL NEW FRIENDS! Just had to say it :lol:

Katie-I LOVE the picture of Ryan! I feel like he's well on his way to being a total ladies' man :wink: His smile is so sweet-I'm sure it melts your heart every time. He sounds like pure entertainment with the hands-isn't it fun to watch all the silly things they do while they are figuring out how it all works?! Are you ready for some springtime weather so it is easier to get out? I am so ready to able to take walks and go to the park.

Steph-I'm glad things have settled a little for Lina. I'm with you on the nicknames-I have yet to call the babies by their names. I am so sorry it is back to heavy bleeding for you-ugh!!! I have yet to get AF-not saying I'm really missing her much though. I can't believe Ethan is already in the bumbo! Man, they grow too fast. Are you getting out much? I am still trying to manage that but I have taken short trips on my own. I have a double stroller that fits our car seats finally so it may be easier to get around.

Angela-Gabriella is just beautiful! I am so glad things are going better in the screaming and sleeping departments! It is draining when you feel so tired and have an unhappy child that you are trying to console. It will keep improving :wink: You are doing a great job and Gabriella is very lucky to have you.

Babyluv-The girls are so adorable in their stockings! LOVE IT :lol: It must be great to have your mom and dad so close-what a blessing. I think you did great to nurse 7 weeks but I can understand being sad that it is over.

Gi-I love your pictures! You are just beautiful and Kayla definitely takes after you. It sounds like you are going to have super muscles lugging Kayla around-I'm so sorry she has been sick. Jake has had a cold too and he is just miserable laying down. Thank goodness for the swing or I wouldn't get to put him down either. So, is J just now going back to work? I hope you all feel much better soon.

Ronda-It must be so hard, but also a relief, to agree on a decision you both feel is best. You will get that freedom to be in the moment with your girls and that is just priceless. Take care!

PA-It sounds like you are getting everything ready-how exciting! How are you feeling? The last few weeks can be really tough but you are so close. I love that you bought a gown-I didn't realize you could buy those but it makes sense. You will be the most fashionable mom in labor :)

Franca-The last few weeks are tough-don't be too hard on yourself. I think everyone imagines all the great things that come with pregnancy because we worked so hard to get here but it can be overwhelming and terribly painful at times. Hang in there and remember, we are all here for you! Take care.

Natasha-It won't be long now! How are you? I think you asked about breastfeeding...I did with my first DD for about 5 months and with the twins I only lasted about 3 weeks. I just couldn't manage the time issue with it and I dried up so soon because I only pumped. WIth DD I had lots of pain with it for the first few weeks and had to totally change my diet because she was colicky and they thought it may be due to the food I ate. It did get much better the longer I did it. Are you planning on breastfeeding?

Hazel-Wow, George is growing so quickly! How are things going for you these days? I love hearing all the things he is doing-it makes me look forward to all those stages with my babies.

Well ladies, I can't believe I actually got to finish a post :) I have been doing well but have been so busy with the holidays. My grandma had a heartattack the week before Christmas so we had to travel back to see her. It was a 6 hour car ride-I was dreading it but it went very well. I have to go back to work in two weeks-I am already dreading it. I know I will miss out on so much, it just sucks that I have to work. Enough with the pity party, I'm just going to soak up every minute for the next two weeks :wink: I am thinking of you all and hope that 2011 is already starting out as the best year ever.

Take care!
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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by natasha10 » Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:44 pm

sara- Yea i on breastfeeding as long as i can. i heard it is painful. Im a sucker for pain. so i have no idea how this will work out. i decided not to buy a pump right now until i try it out the first week or so then i'll get one if it works out for me. I know some people its just not meant for and dry up or just never produce enough so i guess we'll just have to see about it. im hoping it does work out though i wanted her to have the best nutrients but if not then i tried.

ronda- omg thats the truth. people take it for granted the ability to reproduce on their own and so easily. thats just heart breakening since we all can assume the life the child will have. Its just saddening. I cant believe people. Me and Dh always have the conversation on how they make it so difficult for us since we need medical treatment. I dont think society hears and knows how many people will give up anything to have a baby. they just dont talk about it enough. i never would have known how common it is with infertility until i experienced it. In the beginning i thought we were alone everyone around me is normal an has it so easy so we kept it to ourself. we felt embaressed for anyone to know. Its sad to think too that we may only have little nataliah but im thankful for just one atleast. I thought back in january it wouldnt even be possible to have her. then with failing the first cycle was heart breaking and discouraging. but here were are. you have two precious daughters that love you no matter what.

babyluv- aww those stocking pics of them are so adorable.

steph- you know i do remember you saying that before.. that just sounds awful poor mama hang in there hopefully it stops soon and heals. No i really didnt make a plan but i do plan to have an epidural so i plan to have some drugs to relieve some of the pain. I dont think i could go all natural. but im planned on delivering natural and not c section. thats just assuming that she wont be too big im sure my ob will know within the next few appts so far she's been telling me she's right where she needs to be. I sometimes get the thought of having a baby to be frightening. two years ago i never would have though i'd be having a baby right now. i thought i'd wait til graduation from college but things change. who would of thought i needed ivf. i sure didnt so they say the younger you are the better your chances from ivf so we just went for it. rather if it was ideal of were i am or wanted to be in life. but im thankful everyday to hear good news and to be this far. 37 weeks is full term?

katie- I feel good otherwise. Im still walking for about a half hr a day so i cant be too uncomfortable yet. =) Yes i have mostly everything i need. theres just some things i need that i forgot that are small things i can grab real quick like burp extremly excited to have her already. ryan sounds very entertaining but cute. youhave to get that on video to always look back and laugh.

Afm- just the ob appt tomorrow. I also get to meet the pediatricians so i can choose one for nataliah. thats all that knew for now otherwise the same o same over my way.

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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

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HI ladies!
Sara- I'm sorry about your Grandmother. Is she doing better? Heart problems run in my family so I understand how scary it can be hanging out in the cardiac wing. I agree with you about us being a separate little family. I was talking about you all during the holidays too. When you all get upset, I get upset. When you have a baby I cry like it was my own sister giving birth. I wouldn't have made it without you all either.

Rhonda- I'm glad you were able to make a decision with DH. I can't imagine how hard it was. Sometimes I toss around the thought of maybe trying again after this first one. I'm not sure. I feel so blessed just to have I knock on wood. Enjoy life with your girls and DH and know that they love you so much. You ARE blessed. :)

Babyluv- I adore the pics in the stockings. I wish I could stick a baby in a stocking for a picture. Maybe I will do it in March after she is born and use it for next year's Christmas cards??? :D I wish I had tiny little peanuts. They are so cute. I'm still convinced mine is going to be so big she will walk out and ask for a martini. ;)

Angela- YEAH for no screaming at the top of her lungs. :) Are you enjoying time with your MIL? I hope she doesn't act like the control freak that mine does. LOL I can't believe it's been 4 weeks already. I feel like it was just yesterday she was born and I was crying tears of joy for you.

Franca- Baby girl is twisting and turning and hardening my tummy too. We were at the hardware store the other day and my tummy kept getting hard. I'm still not sure if they are BH or if it's just her butt turning over. Sometimes it takes my breath away and sometimes it feels like period cramps. I've been reassured it's all normal though. It is freaky though. You are not a failure to DH. I know we have all had our moments of complaints during pregnancy. DH loves you and understands. It will be soon for us my friend. :)

Steph- Geez Ethan is already in the Bumbo? I can't wait for that. We got one for our shower. It was one of the things that so many of my friends said they LOVED. Love the pics on FB you posted! They are growing so fast. Now I understand what my Grandmother meant when I was a child and she said she wanted to put a brick on my head to make me stop growing. Find a cute stage and keep them there, right? :)
Are you still bleeding? I heard OXI clean helps get stains out. (Ugh I sooooooo just sounded like a Personally I like Zout. Because of the PCOS I have always had really horrible, long, gross periods. Ones where as soon as you get up, gush. I usually sleep on an old beach towel that's doubled up. I hate having to stain treat the sheets.
I'm glad the lady finally paid Andrew for the work he did. I'd for sure pass her name around that she can't be trusted. Have you heard any more about possibly moving? My ex left Hood last month. He's in SC now.

Katie- How's my mom...well, she has fallen 4 times in the last week. Hitting her head twice, resulting in an ambulance called twice. UGH...that is the source of 95% of my stress. I made an appt with a neurologist for her tomorrow morning. I have a feeling that she is having another MS flare up. There is medicine she can be on but she's just so darned difficult. We have been trying to reteach her things. Things she has done all her life that she can no longer do. Things that have other ways of doing them without making her dizzy and resulting in a fall. Like washing her hair. I know, sounds silly...when she rinses the soap out of her hair she leans forward. She gets dizzy and almost falls. So she does not like to wash her hair....gross. She washes it in the sink. UM...ok well she does not have the strength to stand for very long. So Since she has a hand held shower head I told her we need for her to try to wash her hair in the shower (on her shower chair so she can sit) and then lean her head BACK and take the hand held and rinse her hair that way. Common sense right? Not so much....she forgets what we tell her every single day. She forgets her meds. Just lots of problems. OOOHH I could go on about this for hours so I'll just stop. :)
I see you finally got a smile out of Ryan! We are in the market for a new camera. When I was reading reviews on some of them there were tips like using the "sport" setting to get sudden movements so it wasn't blurry. or using the setting that takes multiple shots rapidly so that if there is a smile, you won't miss it. I thought those were pretty good tips. Oh and using the zoom so he isn't so focused on what you are doing but maybe you can be further away and get sneaky moments that way.

Gi- Is little Kayla feeling better? So you said that Jason entered you in a contest and you won a weekend? Where do you get to go and when do you get to do it? It sounds great! How was the radio spot? I'm sure you sounded wonderful. I think it's great that you are talking about it. I wish more people, and celebs, would talk about it so it didn't feel like such a social stigma.

Natasha- I have not bought a pump either. I feel the same way you do, big investment and what if it just does not work out for me? Although I had a breast reduction surgery when I was younger so I am REALLY not counting on it working. But I'll give it a try! As long as she is healthy none of it matters to me.

AFM- We did our 34w hospital check in today. I made sure to ask if we could have a bottle of champagne (yes), pedicure (yes), wifi (yes...I have to be able to post to you all!!!!!!!) and can I wear my own cute hospital gown (yes). Now just to cross my fingers and hope she does not come during a blizzard. I had a complete crying fit 2 days ago in the shower because I just feel so overwhelmed. There are 2 Dr in my practice. I like them both. One is a man and one is a woman. I have seen the woman for almost every appt for the last 9 months. I've seen the guy 3 times. Every time I see the guy it's for like 5 mins, I feel like I am not important and I have to beg him to stop because I have questions. The woman actually takes the time to talk to me. She's a mom of 2, young, like all of us and does not make me feel dumb when I ask questions like, "Is it normal that I feel like she's kicking my uterus and will that horrible feeling stop?" So I literally started bawling my head off at the thought that HE could show up in the delivery room and not her. If I only get one baby I really want her to be the one to deliver it. She said yesterday that I can have an elective induction at 39w if I want to insure she is the one doing it. Also that insures DH is NOT on an airplane headed for Paris. EEEKKK! long as baby girl does not pop out this month I'm safe. I also got scared about leaking amniotic fluid. OK I know, I'm just paranoid but everyone keeps telling me their stories about delivering at 36w and babies dying right before delivery. UM gee thanks. I even have one friend who will not send me a baby shower gift until after I deliver because she wants to make sure the baby lives. WOW...thanks for that one. Anyhow, my fave OB said that she is swimming in so much amniotic fluid that when my water breaks it is going to be like a tsunami. LOL
WWOOOOOO well, I am glad I finally had time to write you all. I have to go work on getting the decal up on the nursery wall. Maybe then I can finally take some pics for you. :)
Again, if there is anyone I have missed who is on FB I would love to be friends. Just send me a PM here. Katie...are you on there yet????
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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by Hope644 » Wed Jan 05, 2011 10:59 pm

hello sweet cycle friends...... hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is enjoying the new year. :)

katie - i was shocked to see the big surprise you received on 11/3!! WOW.. I can't believe they were wrong! and you had everything ready for a girl too! wow. what did you do?! I'm sure Ryan is absolutely wonderful and you wouldn't change a thing. I'm tellin' you, I LOVE my son so much, I was even worried I wouldn't be able to love my daughter as much ---- but of course, I so totally DO! ;)

speaking of ... I haven't posted to even let you all know she arrived - and our little ones share a birthday no less! :) what time was ryan born? Her name is Wynne and she was born at 11:30 am exactly. She weighed 6 lbs and 12 oz and was 19 inches long. She's growing like crazy though and is already over 10 lbs and 21 inches. We have our 2 month well-baby visit tomorrow, so we'll know for sure. Unfortunately, I have been kept from updating you all because of her being sick 3 times since she was born (germies from big brother) causing her to have broncilitis one time and having to stay overnight in the hospital. :( and then we've been out of town for about 3 weeks too.

well, i gotta run, she's ready to nurse again........ hugs to you all - safe deliveries to those who are still waiting and enjoy those little ones to those who've already arrived!
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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by claud662 » Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:21 pm

Hi everyone!!!

I actually have a few minutes to post so even though I'm sort of out of the loop in posting I read up you ladies every day when I'm pumping on my blackberry! While I LOVE hearing about all of your baby adventures I find it so hard to post during the day and by nighttime I go to sleep at 9:30!! So here I go!!

Katie-how adorable is Ryan?!?! I love his ducky pj's and how he has such a personality already!! It's fun to guess what color their hair will turn out or eye color and especially for you since your RE didn't give you any information! As to your question as to when we will try again and the answer is immediately! We are going to try "naturally" for 6 months and then probably start up treatment again over the summer. I really want two kids very close in age and since it took almost two years to conceive Mady I don't want to wait too long before trying for number 2! People may think I'm crazy but I figure might as well have two in diapers, bottles, etc!! Then I want to have 4-5 years and have a third! That's the plan for now but who knows what the future will hold!!!

Steph-I am so sorry to hear about Lina's digestive issues. That must be so hard to deal with. I know how upset I get when Mady spits up a lot and that's only once in a blue moon so I couldn't imagine that being a daily occurrence. I truly hope they find out the issue ASAP so that she is all smiles every day!!Glad we are officially FB friends so I can see your status updates!!!

Angela-Your picture of Gabriella is adorable!!! Please post more soon :lol: It seems as though you are figuring things out like a champ and that it's getting easier everyday!!

PAFA-I was reading your post and laughing the other day because I also ordered my own hospital gown with purple flowers on it and my DH thought I was CRAZY!!! I too wanted to look cute since everyone takes pictures and I didn't want my hiney sticking out when I had to walk to the NICU!!! I am so happy that your OBGYN is willing to induce you so that she can deliver you! Nice to know she is caring and will take good care of you!

Gi-Wow! your a hottie pregnant woman! It was so nice to finally put a face to a name!! Kayla is absolutely beautiful and I love hearing about her!!! Madelyn and Kayla are so close in dates and it's nice to compare how much she is eating, sleeping, etc.

Natasha=getting close hon!!! I am currently pumping and then feeding Mady the breastmilk from a bottle since she had a hard time latching on. She got bottles right away because she went to the NICU and to tell the truth I wasn't so sure how I felt about breastfeeding so that was my compromise. I am planning on doing it for 3 months but it's hard! I feel like I'm a slave to the pump since I do it every three hours so I have to plan my day around when I pump or else I get very uncomfortable.

Sara-so good to hear from you!! I hear you about your hesitation on going back to work. I am already dreading it and I still have 6 weeks!!! I keep telling myself with school vacations and summer it's only 3 months and then I am hopefully going part-time next year but it's going to be so hard to leave them after being with the babes 24/7!

To everyone I missed-always cheering you on and reading up on you!

AFM...Mady is doing great and I cant get over how big she is getting!!! She is starting to have somewhat of a schedule where she has a small morning fussy time a long after nap and then she seems to be up from about 5-9 and then she sleeps a good 5-6 hours, has a feeding and then sleeps again until 7:00AM-8:00AM. I can't complain since it's a good chunk of sleep so I try and go to sleep really early so I get a few good hours of REM. She is taking baths in her bathtub and loving it (hated when I gave her sponge baths) and I take her out every day on errands or lunch with friends and she does GREAT on our field trips!! She is now smiling at me every morning which I have caught on my blackberry a few times and send it to all my family and friends and she changes her appearance every day! She doesn't look like me so much but more my husband and I think her eyes are getting more blue by the day (which is crazy since we both have brown eyes!!)

I truly hope to post more when she takes her naps but know I check everyday!

Here are some pics from her photo shoot when she was a week old!!!!



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Re: Winter Cycle Friends 2009/2010 - Everyone Welcome!

Post by natasha10 » Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:51 am

pafa- yea we'll just wait and see what happens

claudia- aww adorable pics. I heard that breastfeeding wasnt the easiest. it seems like alot.

afm- my ob appt went well. my cervix is still closed so bad news but RE thinks we'll induce at 39 weeks becuz im so narrow. so the 1st of february we're aiming for unless she comes on her own. that exam hurt like hell im in pain now. have a nice nite ladies!!

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