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Metformin during first trimester

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Metformin during first trimester

Postby karenthescorpio » Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:58 pm

I was put on Metformin when I started my 2nd IVF cycle (which resulted in this pregnancy). I'm currently 5w3d and yesterday they found two sacs at my u/s As soon as my beta was positive my RE said to stop taking it. This alarmed me b/c he told me when i started it I would probably stay on it during pregnancy. I asked him three times about this via my nurse and each time he says to stop taking it. From the research I've read about PCOS (I only have a mild case) it helps reduce miscarriages and control insulin, which gets nuts during pregnancy. I really want to start it again b/c I feel I am being put at greater risk without it. I read that is doesn't hurt anything if you don't need it but helps it you do. Anyone have experience with this issue?
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