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Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.


Postby emma0908 » Wed May 07, 2003 3:55 pm

Hi All<br><br>I had my 7 week scan today and after only seeing one heartbeat for five mins they then found the other!!!!!!!<br><br>I'm a little nervous, scared but still very happy.<br><br>Have to go for another scan a week on Monday to see how all is going because of the OHSS.<br><br>Take care everyone and bumps aswell<br><br>lol<br><br>Emma<br>x
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Postby Helen G » Wed May 07, 2003 4:44 pm

Emma <br><br>Congratulations - that's fantastic. I'm so glad that everything's looking good. How exciting to be having 2!!!!!!!!!! :)<br><br>On the question of Nuchal Fold - this is a scan that is offered between 11 and 13 weeks (normally the same time as the dating scan) and it measures the depth of the babies neck to check for Downs Syndrome. <br><br>Take care of yourself and your two little ones!!<br><br>Helen xx
Helen G
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Postby ogr » Wed May 07, 2003 4:46 pm

what great news. it has been so wonderful so have some great news..<br> take good care of yourself and drink lots of water<br> becky
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Postby Mags529 » Thu May 08, 2003 7:27 am

Emma<br><br>Well done, I bet you are still in shock, look after yourself and again congrats to you and DH.<br><br>Love Mags
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Postby Sarah30 » Thu May 08, 2003 8:12 am

Hi Emma<br><br>What brilliant news for you both!!! I'm really hoping for twins too but don't think it will be somehow.<br><br>Am so pleased for you. <br><br>You look after yourself now!<br><br>Love Sarah x<br><br>ps - I started feeling sick yesterday (yippeeeee) and boobies have started to get a bit achy (yeeehaaaaa) at last some positive signs!<br>How about you, anything much yet? Bet you'll start to show in a few weeks!
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