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over reacting? please help

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over reacting? please help

Postby sorcet » Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:43 am

sorry in advance for the large post.

Just a little backround i am 9 weeks released from my RE at 6w5d but my first OB appointment isnt until 10 weeks. this week i had several unrelated appointments eye/dentist ect and my blood pressure was 150/90's each time. Needless to say I am a nurse and have been taking them myself as well and they were just as high. i was concerned about this before because in my late teen years while on birth control i developed extremely high BPs my OBGYN took me off and they came down and it was decided the high estrogen cause my BP. it has been low to completely normal ever since so im thinking the estrogen in the pregnancy is causing this again. Im pretty worried about it, i called my OBs office wednesday to tel them and to ask for some zofran... i cant keep nothing down and my MD is only there mondays and wednesdays but i would be happy to talk to another Dr. anyway no one called me back that day, i called again today and they said she would "send my dr a msg". my question is should i be passive and wait until wednesday or does everyoen think is appropriate to ask to be seen tomorrow, or at least have a doctor call me b ack even if its not the one i usually see. Ive never been pregnant before, and i know hypertension in pregnancy usually doesnt appear this early but i still feel like its cause for concern and i feel like that office is blowing me off. any opinions are appreciated.
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Re: over reacting? please help

Postby angelaezra » Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:53 am

Hello Sorcet,

I am a RN too and my advice is to ask for the physician on call. I had a horrible experience w/ my last pregnancy from my OB not listening to me and I ended up w/ a stillbirth (there were other factors but I know his negligence was a huge factor)! My suggestion is if you know you have a legitimate concern then they should at least return your call. Well, it doesn’t even matter if it is legitimate … you are the patient and you need reassurance and that is their job! Be persistent and demand the care that you know that you need. You know being a nurse that often the patient needs to be his/her own advocate! Especially, the fact that you can’t keep anything down … you definitely want to prevent dehydration.

I wish you good luck!

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Re: over reacting? please help

Postby karenthescorpio » Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:13 pm

Do not ever, ever, ever be passive about your pregnancy. If your doctor isn't responding to your needs, I recommend that you change. You have plenty of time to find someone else who can better meet your needs! And if is their job to respond. If it wasn't, their would be no need for them at all. Take care of yourself and that precious baby!
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