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Message from Traci

Announcement of pregnancy and birth following assisted reproductive treatment.

Message from Traci

Postby Helen G » Wed Jul 09, 2003 12:44 pm

Hiya<br><br>Traci's having problems posting today and has asked me to post this note for her!! :-<br><br>Morning Girls<br>Well how nervous are you Tracey , I bet you wish you could wake up and it be Monday , It sure sounds as if your body is full of very strong hormones with all the sickyness!!! and its your birthday on Tuesday , are you doing anything nice ? I will certainly be thinking of you on Monday as My Mum and Dad are here and Heidi my sister has her birthday that day, so I will be scanning the site for your post.<br> <br>Helen<br>How are you? still not feeling them , hopefully this means that they are very content and Plasid and will be easy babies when they are here. <br> <br>Still waiting for a letter to confirm our appointment they are a bit slow , if it dosent come today then I will phone them as it has been a week.<br> <br>Stay Cool<br>Trace x
Helen G
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Message from Traci

Postby Tracey S » Wed Jul 09, 2003 1:39 pm

Traci<br><br>how frustrating is it - reading and not being able to type back - I hated it when we were down. Get you used to the frustrations as we are off to France next Friday and I can't have all those lovely cheeses, pate etc - boo hoo.<br>No sickness today at all - just an impression of a cat doing a fur ball coughing fit!<br>Will let you know monday - mixed feelings on it - hope all ok!<br>Birthday - well am working - it is Ian's birthday the day after - he is 8 hours younger than me. Dad is coming to Leicester take me out for lunch and we will go out for a meal etc at the weekend on our own as not a kiddie weekend!<br>The big 37 - ouch!<br>Traci - hope the appointment arrrives soon for you - fingers crossed<br>Lots of love and hugs<br>Tracey<br>xxxxx
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