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+ but bleeding-anyone help?

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+ but bleeding-anyone help?

Postby kathryn » Sun Aug 03, 2003 12:02 pm

any of you mummys to be help?<br>I tested + on friday(3 tests faint but a line there)<br>tested yesterday and a faint but stronger line appeared.<br>however I had brown turning red dischrge on friday with af pains, then something, not a clot came out and it was horrible. Just under 1cm long raw chicken flesh looking with blood in it and a darker bloody bobbly bits in it , not clots on the outside.<br>I know this is too big to have been the embies . My clinic havent been able to help, they just want to scan me in 2 weeks. Im going out of my mind and just wondered if this happened to anyone else.<br>Im now bleeding more but still not clotty. Im sure if I wasnt taken the pessaries I would just come on.<br>without saying it Im sure I know this is the beginning of the end, and you probably think Im stupid for writing this, but I dont know who else to talk too.<br><br>I would appreciate any feedback good or bad.<br>thanks<br>kathryn<br>x<br>
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+ but bleeding-anyone help?

Postby Louise24 » Sun Aug 03, 2003 12:51 pm

Hi Kathryn<br><br>Im sorry i cant really help you but im sure everything will be ok!!<br><br>I had small brownish discharge just before my test date and i thought that was the end for me, but im now 11wks and 6days prg with twins, hospital had told me it was due to using the pessarys that i was getting the discharge im sure it will be the same for you, those dame pessarys do funny things to your body!!!<br><br>I know its easier said then done but try and stay positive and keep your feet up and do plenty off resting!!!<br><br>Take care and i hope to hear from you soon!!!<br><br>Love Louise x x x x
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